What are some good companies to call about my huge amount of secret debt?

Consumer Complaint Submission

I’ve got to stop lying to myself and my husband who I have not told I owe not including my mortgage and student loans, $15-16,000 in heinous, frivolous purchases? Today I awoke from my spending stupor because I can no longer afford to pay my mostly maxed out cards AND OUR MORTGAGE. I deserve to … Read more

Father struggling with credit card debt and mom doesn’t know about it. – Quilley

I recently pulled my annual free credit report and was surprised to find that the balance on a credit card my father opened many years ago has grown to $19,000 (there was no balance when I checked last year). It shows up on my report, and my brother’s as well, because we are both authorized … Read more

Kam Says “I Have Charged Off Debt In Collections And I’m Scared to Tell My Husband”

Kam “Dear Steve, Over $70,000 in credit card debt has been charged off from the original creditors and now reside with multiple collection agencies. One of the charges is approximately $30,000, which I pay $200 per month (to Creditor’s Interchange). I have ignored the various other collection letters/calls because they want money from me that … Read more

I Owe a Lot in Medical Bills And My Husband Does Not Know About My $50K in Credit Card Debt. – Lou

Lou “Dear Steve, I have approximately $50,000 in unsecured debt that is in my name alone. $7650.00 is medical bills from a surgery. I lost my job in May 2009 and have just recently found another job. Unfortunately my salary will be $160.00 gross a week less. My husband works very hard and is a … Read more

My Parents Are in Bad Financial Shape. I’m Worried. – Angie

Angie “Hi Steve. My parents are 60 years old and have raised 5 wonderful children. They have struggled with money for many years and still continue to struggle with it. My dad has come to me twice within a year to help out financially with lending him some money which I happily did. This last … Read more