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My Husband Does Not Want Us to Pool Our Income to Pay Off Our Debt. – Melinda

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“Dear Steve, I work part-time and my husband has full-time income, but my husband does not want to put all the income together to pay the bills we have coming into the household. With my part-time employment, I do not make enough money to pay my bills every month!! We have 5 creditors that we could pay off by June ... Read More »

    What are some good companies to call about my huge amount of secret debt?

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    I’ve got to stop lying to myself and my husband who I have not told I owe not including my mortgage and student loans, $15-16,000 in heinous, frivolous purchases? Today I awoke from my spending stupor because I can no longer afford to pay my mostly maxed out cards AND OUR MORTGAGE. I deserve to be in a scary place, ... Read More »

      Are You Hiding Money From Your Spouse?

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      From time to time, I get feedback from Couple Money readers. It’s something that I enjoy and try to respond to. This weekend I received an email from M about a situation that he noticed at work. I thought it was an excellent question and I wanted to see what youthoughtabout it. Hiding Vacation Bonus Money at Work Here’s what ... Read More »

        I Haven’t Been Honest With My Wife About Our Debt. – Brad

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        “Dear Steve, Married 8 years Two Kids Wife was home on Maternity leave in 06. I was mortage broker. Wife does not handle money stress well at all. Money was tight. I used credit cards and HELOC to meet bill obligations. Have about 55k in debt wife does not know about. She has recently started her own business and I ... Read More »

          Is Your Lover Cheating on You and Slowly Killing You Financially?

          photo © 2010 Jaci Berkopec | more info (via: Wylio)A new study by the National Endowment for Financial Education and Forbes says 1 in 3 couples who have combined their finances, admit they have been keeping financial secrets from the other. The leading money crimes were hiding cash, minor purchases and bills. Meanwhile, a significant number of people admitted hiding ... Read More »

            Debt, Relationships, Fighting, Sexually Transmitted Debt and Financial Infidelity

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            Hi, this is Steve Rhode. I’m a consumer debt expert and some people even call me the get out of debt guy. If you are looking for me you can find me on Twitter @GetOutOfDebtGuy and on the web at GetOutofDebt.org. This time we are going to be talking about a serious subject, fighting about debt. Believe me, in all ... Read More »

              I Am Deep in Debt And My Husband Doesn’t Know. – Vicki

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              “Dear Steve, I have approx. 65-70K in credit card debt. I am in credit counseling. My current payment to them is $1600 a month, I have been paying this for almost 10 months. My husband does not know, I have kept this from him so he has no idea how bad it is. Due to other bills being raised, such ... Read More »

                My Husband Doesn’t Know I’m $38,000 in Debt. – Natasha

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                “Dear Steve, I am in debt for $38,000.00 which my husband doesn’t know about. It all started about 5 years ago. I got a credit card in both our names. I was paying OK on the card, then another came in for 0% and I got that (in both names). After a while I couldn’t handle the payments and started ... Read More »

                  John is Worried His Debt Will Scare Away His Fiancee

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                  “Dear Steve, Here is the situation. I have 50K of debt between credit cards and lines of credit and a 20k vehicle loan. When I first met my fiancee, she asked about credit card debt, I was defensive about it so i just told her that i didn’t have any. She knew I had a truck loan at the time. ... Read More »

                    Therapist: Financial Infidelity Can End Couples

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                    Therapist: Financial Infidelity Can End Couples Fox5 KVVU, NV - 41 minutes ago It can be anything from keeping credit card debt a secret to hiding money from a spouse. "I'd say finances and financial stress is one of the number one ... Read More »

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