Christian Sounding Debt Advice Groups Sued by Consumer – Good Shepherd Debt Relief and Trinity Financial Mission

A recent suit against Good Shepherd Debt Relief, Trinity Financial Mission, and Allen Morrow was brought to my attention by a reader. I’ve written about both Good Shepherd Debt Relief and Trinity Financial Mission in the past.

The suit by Dallas Yoder in Ohio claims Good Shepherd Debt Relief, Trinity Financial Mission, and Allen Morrow were offering debt settlement and credit repair services for an alleged “predatorily high fees and exorbitant “upfront” fees.”

The suit states that Yoder agreed to pay the fees the Defendants charged but was unaware the fees were “criminally illegal.”

Again the underlying issue was the front loading of fees before any debts were settled or dealt with. It’s a scenario we’ve seen many times before.

While the Defendants are located in Pennsylvania, the consumer, Yoder, is located in Ohio. The agreement the consumer was presented “is illegal in Ohio.” Clearly the Defendants should have used the free debt industry compliance software provided here.

It is alleged Good Shepherd took payments of $231 a month for seven months from Yoder.

Defendants also make savings claims that are said to be unsupported and do not have a record to justify such claims. They also made claims about the length of time it would take for Yoder to complete the program but the suit again alleges there are no facts to support such statements. Defendants also forget to include fees in estimated amounts Yoder would save by using their services. In fact “a high percentage of Ohio consumers who attempted Defendants’ debt settlement program do not in fact complete the program, and do not become debt free as a result of Defendants’ services.” Oops.

Additionally, the Defendants were said to have represented they would assist Yoder if he was sued.

The suit states Yoder was told the debt settlement program would improve Yoder’s credit since his “debt to income ratio would decline” thus improving his credit score. How many times have we heard that line before? Even if that was true, how about all the delinquent accounts listed and potential legal actions?

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The suit was filed by:

Jeremy Heck, Esq.
580 East Rich Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Elizabeth Well, Esq.
533 South Third Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

You can read the full complaint here.


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