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Debt Solutions Research Group Makes Me Mad as Hell, Even After Sleeping On It

Yesterday a consumer posted a complaint about Debt Solutions Research Group – Royal Pacific Financial. You can see it here.

I’ve seen enough complaints and shenanigans that not much stuff makes me downright boiling mad, but the way this consumer was treated sure did. And if you are in the debt relief industry, it should make you mad as hell as well. And why? Because it appears to all be based on either intentional lies or not having a clue what the rules and regulations are in the debt relief industry.

Rather than explode I decided to stop, sleep on it, and evaluate the situation again in the morning. Well it’s the next morning and the situation is still just as repulsive, ripping the consumer off for $5,200.

Here is what the consumer shared with me in his complaint.

The company promised to settle all of my debt within 180 days or give all of my money back.

They will not take my calls, certified mail gets returned and only e-mail me saying, the money has been earned, case closed.

The guy pretends like all of the debt has been cleared, but shows now proof and all the collectors are still after me. Two have filed a complain against me in court.

If this company embarked on an intentional path to sell this consumer this program it boarders on being just flat out criminal.

Let me summarize this pitch sold to consumers in the words of DSRG.

We are less expensive than debt consolidation or debt settlement. Debt Consolidators will put all your debt together and give you a new loan to cover the debt so that you have one single,lower payment. Sometimes this can go on for years. Debt Settlement Companies negotiate withyour creditors to get you a lower dollar amount of debt or a lower interest rate. These plans canlast up to five years. Both have a negative impact on your credit. Our way is less expensive,takes less time to finish, and in the end has a far more positive effect on your credit.

If you are set up on a payment program, we will draft a payment from your checking account.

How Much Does It Cost? each month. We don’t suggest you send cash through the mail, sometimes people have sticky fingers. We will also entertain interesting trade ideas.Remember. If we can’t ELIMINATE the debt, you get your money back. – Source

Debt Solutions Research Group Promotional Video

Source Video

Claims Made That Are Just Flat Out Wrong

  • The bank will sell off the debt when you are between 90 and 120 days late. – Not True
  • Consumers get confused because when an attorney contacts the consumer for collections he is not representing the bank. – Not True
  • When a third party debt collector starts coming after you they break the law. – Not True
  • We make debt collectors follow the letter of the law and we make them come after you the correct way or they can eliminate the debt. – Huh?
  • “We’ll so far everyone has eliminated the debt rather than be compliant with the law.” – Unsupported Claim
  • “We are so confident in the process that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.” – Apparently Not True

Here is what I know from the information provided and the investigation I’ve done.


Debt Solutions Research Group

According the the State of California the company is not registered to do business in the State.

1804 Garnet Avenue
Suite 415
San Diego, CA 92109

The address appears to be for a UPS Store mailbox. – Source


A Greg Van Camp is listed as a co-founder and principal with the company. – Source

This Greg Van Camp may be the same guy. the pictures look similar. – Source

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It appears the guy in the DSRG videos is Greg Van Camp. At least this guy, who appears the same is identified as Greg Van Camp in a video posted by INET Team. “Another clip of a upcoming episode of the Bill and Jena Show with Greg Van Camp, a Debt ELIMINATION Specialist! This program really works! Visit to find out about all of our helpful Debt Programs!!!”

I could not find any active website for the company but I did find that promoted the services of DSRG. – Source is owned by:

Gloria X Yomayusa
calle 114 #30-28
[email protected]

Royal Pacific Financial

Royal Pacific Financial is identified in the client agreement as a “3rd Party Finance Co.” but it is unclear what that is supposed to mean. Consumer payments were made to them.

Royal Pacific Financial has a location in La Jolla, CA. Active officers include Henry K Nawahine. Royal Pacific Financial filed as a Articles of Incorporation on Thursday, April 16, 2009 in the state of California and is currently active. Henry K Nawahine serves as the registered agent for this organization.The company’s line of business includes Business Consulting & Project Development.

1804 Garnet Avenue
Suite 415
San Diego, CA 92109

I could not find any website for the company.

This may be the same Henry Nawahine. – Source

The Client Agreement

I’m going to go through this client agreement the consumer filing the complaint, shared. In my opinion to is one of the worst I’ve seen and makes all sorts of horrible misrepresentations. And I recognize all my page numbers are one page off, but apparently the company skipped page one in the material they gave the consumer.

Page 1

  • Makes claims debt will be eliminated in months.
  • It is guaranteed.
  • Is more effective than debt settlement.
  • Promise credit repair services which seem to violate the Credit Repair Organizations Act.
  • Promise to remove all enrolled delinquencies off the credit report.
  • The debt is gone forever.
  • There is the interesting notation of EFA on the bottom. EFA was another debt relief company and I have no idea if this represents a relationship with them or not, it’s just interesting.

Page 2

  • It appears they are promising a 60 percent savings;
  • Offers a money back guarantee for debts not eliminated or settled but why do they then make claims they are not a debt settlement company?
  • The fee is 25-40% of the debt! Outrageous and also illegal when the agreement was signed.
  • They can’t settle debt unless it is in collections with a “third-party debt collections/attorney.” Apparently they don’t know how to negotiate with the original creditor.
  • It will take 2-4 months to eliminate the debt.
  • Someone they know at work has been successful at doing this since 2006.

Page 3

Page 4

  • The average debt can’t be less than $2,500 per account?

Page 5

  • Unless I’m reading this wrong, it certainly appears the consumer was charged an advance fee for enrollment that was equal to 25% of the debt in “1 upfront payment.” That is clearly not permitted under the Federal Trade Commission Telemarketing Sales Rules that prohibit and advanced fee for debt reduction services.

Page 6

Page 7

  • The company is identified as Debt Solutions Research Group, an unregistered California company that is not authorized to conduct business in the State of California.
  • The consumer is charged $5,205 in an advanced “upfront payment” for debt reduction services.
  • The agreement contains explicit statements they will engage in credit repair. Calling it “no-fee” after you just charged $5,205 is a joke.
  • The credit repair claims here are massaged a bit. Now they say that rather than being removed, the accounts will show “current with a zero balance” or be “completely removed.” But removing a negative but accurate entry from a credit report sets the consumer up for committing credit fraud. How is that helpful?
READ  Debt Solutions Research Group - Royal Pacific Financial - Consumer Complaint - 2-27-2012

Page 8

  • Client should expect services to be completed within six months. In the case of the consumer that filed the complaint, they were not.
  • Payment shall be mailed to the “3rd party” company, Royal Pacific Financial but the refund policy says Debt Solutions Research Group will only refund money paid directly to them. How does that work if payments are directed to not be made to them?
  • DSRG claims it is not a credit repair service, a law firm, a loan modification company or a credit repair or credit counseling company. Well calling a turd by another name does not change the fact it’s a turd. They clearly said they will perform credit repair so how can then then say they are not a credit repair company?

Page 9

  • Company says they didn’t tell consumer to stop making payments but previously said “the elimination process starts when you receive the 30-day notice from the third-party debt collections/attorney.” So how do you reconcile those two statements?
  • And then they say the program is only successful if you are behind or soon to be behind.
  • They say their program is only successful with debt in collection or judgment. Does this mean consumers must wait to be sued and for the creditor to obtain a judgment against them for enrolled debts?
  • And then there is the 100% money back guarantee. The consumer did not get his money back, guaranteed.

Page 10

  • A very interesting page for me. Apparently DSRG and Royal Pacific Financial are one in the same or at least very related when this page attempts to bind the consumer into a mutual agreement with two companies, one of which they previously said was a “3rd party Finance Company.”

Page 11

  • Remember at first when I said the page numbers were off because they seemed to have skipped page one, they even say this is pages 2-12. So what happened to page one?

Client Payment


Those of us familiar with the laws and regulations of the debt relief industry will recognize the services sold, the way the fee was collected, and the promises made to the consumer were so offensive that this is a shining example of what not to do to consumers.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Bonus Material

Videos Debt Solutions Research Group presented to consumers.

This video is so misleading that you have to question the knowledge of the person making these claims. The video was posted May 25, 2011.

Source Video

I have no clue what this video is talking about.

Source Video

Source Video

Source Video

In this video we learn some interesting information. Gnuts900, the uploader of the video and presumably the guy making the videos, says DSRG is a “legal team” and is located in Anaheim and San Diego California and Orem, Utah. I checked, there is no company registered to do business in Utah under the name Debt Solutions Research Group.

The video even gives the DSRG sales pitch. See the screenshot below.

Source Video

Source Video

All I’ve got to say is What the Hell Are You Talking About! You’ve got to watch this fairy tail of a video.

Source Video

Source Video

Source Video

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  • Interesting to note that you are only telling a partial story. Since I know Greg, I asked him. His side is that you had 8 accounts. 6 of them were cancelled. 2 of them were NOT cancelled and you asked for a refund on ALL of the process. It is also worthy to note that, according to Greg, you failed to do your part on the last two accounts. So, apparently, you are mad because you screwed up and want to blame someone else. 

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