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Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (ADR) Deceptive Debt Relief Mailer

An awesome reader and tipster (send in your tips here) has just sent in a new mailer I find to be highly deceptive. The mailer about debt relief says that consumers can get their debt addressed under “federal relief designed to restructure and/or eliminate revolving credit card debt.”

I am not aware of any such federal government program other than bankruptcy.

Besides, if the program is a federal program, why is it only limited to California residents with more than $15,000 in debt? That does not seem to make sense. Wouldn’t it be open to people all across the country with any level of minimum debt?

The mailer gives 800-926-4544 as the contact number and says this is a program under US Code Title 11. That’s the section of the law that is about bankruptcy. That seems to make sense since this mailer appears to be sent out by Assurity Law Group, Scott McDonald Managing Attorney.

But the disclaimer on the back seems geared more towards debt settlement than bankruptcy.

Now here is the funny part. the form number of 2915217 seemed familiar and a quick search of the site found it was the same number used on mass joinder marketing mailers as well. See here and here.

The front of the mailer image I was sent says it was sent from postal permit 1958 in 92831 which is Fullerton, California. The mailer makes it appear to be a government mailer of some sort.

Now the inside of the mailer is where things get really deceptive for me.

The mailer appears to be geared towards resolving debt under some ADR Hardship Program with a projected 40 percent reduction in debt. It says you don’t even need to be behind on your bills.

My favorite statement has to be “…evaluated for the ADR program or federal protection under title 11 of the US Code.” Let me translate. If we can’t sell you a debt settlement program we are going to sell you bankruptcy.

And that’s what makes this mailer really deceptive for me as presented. If it’s for bankruptcy then say it. Why hide that? And the ADR program is not the bankruptcy they hide because they say the ADR program is different than their secret title 11 solution when they say or.


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  • Sevenzoe

    YIKES – My significant other joined this Asurity Law Group Resolution Program several months ago and after 6 months now after paying almost $2k she only has $220 in her resolution account. After further reading she has now discovered that in addition to the $795 retainer fee she paid and the $9.95 per month administrative processing fee there is also an additional 15% of your agreed to Resolution Debt each month, which in her case is $293.17. She pays $383.17 each month and they deduct $303.12 in fees and she deposits $80 into the account.

    With the almost $20k in debt it will take her 20 years to settle the accounts she has listed – she’s 65! 

  • Avila3d

    I received almost the same letter you posted; except on back it lists Resolve Law Firm and the ph# listed on front is 1-877-810-8587.  Was sort of hoping there was a debt relief program out there to help the consumer (me) with the high interest rate on credit cards.

  • Sds

    Oh wow…thanks a lot sir. This is really helpful. By the way, everyone make sure you don’t call these guys because once you called the 1st time, they’ll keep bugging you to sign up even if you told them earlier that you’re just curios about the program. They act like collection agency. Just tell them F off.

  • Dennis1825

    I received this a few days ago and yes, it does sound like it came from the US Government.  I am glad I found this site and tore up the worthless paper.  Oh I did receive a phone call regarding this issue several weeks ago asking why had I not responded to their offer.

  • jc

    I also recvd this mailer today.  Called for information…when I asked about ruining my credit rating they side stepped the question and said most people’s CR is better after paying off all this debt.  Just wondering how they get a copy of our credit rating without our authorization?  They will be calling me back and should be interesting.  I have no plans of declaring bankrupcy…..

  • Jayrelly

    I love U man!!

  • becca

    thank you for this!  I finally decided to try to find out information about this mailer that I keep getting.  Glad that I had been assuming rightly to ignore & shred!

  • John48

    I just received this in the mail too..It is extremely deceptive… looks so similar to the same advertising used for Precision Law Center.. Strange thing is the physical address is the same as the Precision Law Center scam..  I thought they had shut down precision law center, my sister in law was ripped off by Precision Law Center.  She ending up losing her home.. My sister went to this same office same address..I have an investigator trying to help her … I will get back with you..if we find out same company….if you look at the website the physical address suite number is the same… we will connect the sister gave them over $7000 plus on the retainer she signed.. assurity law group is on the retainer  agreement. Too many similar dots… my investigator is really good. I will get justice for my sister… 

    • Steve Rhode

      Please do update me with what you find.

    • roxieb

      I called Assurity Law Group today and they asked for my bank account information before even sending me the retainer agreement (or any paperwork for that matter). 

      I looked up Scott McDonald on Martindale-Hubbell and it lists him as working for the Law Firm of Young Wooldridge. But then another search found him listed under two other Law Firms below:McDonald Law Group Law Group
      They’re the same profile, different law firm name.  

      I called Young Wooldridge – and he doesn’t work there.  I believe the same person who answered the phone at Assurity Law Group, answered at The McDonald Law Firm when I called.  

  • Laura

    Thank you so much for posting this.  I am struggling with my bills like everyone else but I do not want to consider bankrupcy.  I called to find out what their program was about and while I waited on hold did a search and found you.  I hung up because of this post.  Thank you so much.  I don’t want to be lied to.  I needed that kick in the head. 

  • Mailplace1

    You’re a blessing Steve..  

    Thank you for the information. 

    PS: I was sent the same mailer.

  • Jan Kaatz

    I too received this mailer and several others like it.  It sounded too good to be true so I started to investigate.  I came across this site.  Thanks for the info!


    I received mine a couple of days ago and decided to do some research of my own. I am so glad I came across this page because it definately made a lot of things clearer and opened my eyes.  Thanks Steve for this very helpful article !


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