Integrity Debt Solutions – Let’s Play “Do They Comply?”

Error Report 2-11-2016

I received an error report on this story from a Gary Wayne. Thank you Gary for the update.

Here is what Gary just sent in.

“The story in question located at the URL provided is claiming that our benefits to clients are either unsupported or unfounded.

My name is Gary Wayne and I am the Owner & Managing Director of the company and I would be happy to provide you with evidence that support our claims. At the time this story was published, we indeed guaranteed at least a 50% guaranteed reduction of client’s credit card debt.

In 2013, we lowered our guarantee slightly to the current 40% reduction. At all times however our guarantees were in writing to clients. You also mentioned in the article that you could not find any registration for our company in Texas. I believe you looked and published this article before we were aware of the new registration requirements.

Please review the attached file I have included with this submission. You will see here that we indeed registered in 2012 and we have continued to renew each year and we recently renewed in January, 2016.

You will also see within the attached file a copy of our 4 page Purchase Agreement for clients. On page 2, Item 6 of the Agreement you will see the money-back guarantee we offer.

The Agreement has been the same over the years and the only thing that has changed is that we used to offer a 50% guarantee and we lowered it to 40% in 2013. The change did not occur because we had failed to deliver on any past clients, it was simply a way to give us a little extra room and not create as much pressure but it is still a very substantial guarantee.

We would like to ask you to remove the story from your website or update it with a correct response of some kind. We are no longer using that specific sales page that you cite from your article, we are now using and Feel free to email or call me with any questions. Thank you!”

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Original Post

A reader brought the following page to my attention. It was presented to Texas residents apparently.

If you’ve never played “Do They Comply” before, here is how it works. We take a look at the company information and vote in the comments below if the company appears to be complying with applicable rules and regulations in their advertising, etc.

I’ve pasted a few arrows on the ad page they display. The claims appear to be unsupported. Is that cool to do?

Also, I could not locate any registration for Integrity Debt Solutions in Texas.

Apparently there are some different versions of the page that load. I’ve seen two different ones.

Version 1

Instant relief?
Stop credit card payments?

Version 2

Colorado Registration

Integrity Debt Solutions, LLC is registered to do business in Colorado.

According to Gary Wayne in the company video he states Integrity Debt Solutions is a “Christian owned and operated company.”

Source Video

Please watch the video. Some bold claims are made.

So what’s your vote? Does this company appear to be in compliance with their marketing, claims, and structure? Post your comment below.


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