Next Generation Debt Settlement is Lying But How Do I Prove It?

I wrote several months back asking for advice on how to get our money back from Next Generation Debt Settlement. I have followed the steps you outlined, and sent them a certified letter, which was ignored. Then filed a complaint with the CA, & MN attorney generals. Also filed a complaint with the BBB, and a report with the RipOff report site.

I received a letter today from the office of Eli Smart, and in the letter it says they made several attempts to contact us by phone & email. It says that information on our application was inaccurate.

The letter also states that we started their program in April of 2011, and we didn’t contact them until Nov 2011, and at that time they were not provided with needed info at that time . That is a lie, I called sveral times to tell them our creditors were calling. No one asked for any info, customer service said they would submit a complaint, and some one would contact us. NO ONE EVER DID.

How do I prove that they are lying? When I finally talked to one of our creditors they said no one from Next Generation had ever called to negoitate our debt. They never asked for any information, or let us know anything was ” inaccurate”. They say ” We were working to get the info they needed to communicate with the proper party to attempt to resolve the customers accounts, and copies of corresondance sent to the customer asking for this info is available upon request.”

Our accounts with our creditors were turned over to an attorney in Nov 2011. Thats when I had to call and cancell with Next Generation.

Would our accounts have gone to an attorney if Next Gerneration was working with our creditors?

How do I prove them wrong so we can get our money back???

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3 thoughts on “Next Generation Debt Settlement is Lying But How Do I Prove It?”

  1. It appears as though you have done everything you could reasonably be expect to do without getting a reasonable response. The next step is legal action.

    You need to contact an attorney and discuss suing for damages.Many companies reject any form of compromise until the day before a court hearing. If you have documentation to support your position you should go to this next step. Of course there is a risk. You will have attorney fees and you could lose, but your only other option is to accept defeat. You cannot force someone to settle without legal action.

    Good Luck! 

  2. Yes, your accounts can go to attorneys regardless if the Debt Settlement had contacted the original creditor or collection agency.  If you don’t have the money to make an offer there is nothing the Settlement Company can do.

    • Next Generation is claiming that they had talked to our creditors, but the creditors are saying they were never contacted by them to even negotiate. Next Generation is also stating that they tried to contact us through email & by calling us, saying that our information was inaccurate. They never contacted us. They are lying &I I don’t know how to prove it.


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