Does CRS Financial Services Really Show a Fake Building?

In my roundup of ads on the internet I came across this one by CRS Financial Services on Craigslist.

So let’s take a look if the statements are supported and what their website says.

The first thing I noticed when visiting their website at was they have their physical address readily visible. That’s a good thing. They list it as:

2300-301 W. SAMPLE RD.

And they show a picture of their alleged office building.

Now there might be a simple explanation for this but the fact the company looks small and shows a building that says “CRS Corporate Center” made me want to double check.

Here is what multiple sources actually report the building looks like at the address given.

That apparent discrepancy makes me want to look deeper.

And then there are all those claims they make about their services on the home page. – Source

  • Consolidate your debts into one low monthly payment.
  • Reduce monthly payments & lower interest rates.
  • Stop late and over limit fees.
  • Stop harrassing phone calls from creditors.
  • Get out of debt in a fraction of the time.

These days such claims are frowned upon and appear to fall outside the guilds of the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule as claims that need substantiation and backup.

The claims made also appear to be geared towards that of a credit counseling or debt management company. It appears from State of Florida records they are not a non-profit 501(c)3 credit counseling organization.

More About CRS Financial Services

The advertisement claims they are a A rated BBB company, and it appears they are. Their BBB record says they opened in November of 1997. – Source

The State of Florida says the company is a for-profit company and filed to do business on 9-16-1996 and that the officers of the company are:

Leonard Rubino – President
Marjorie Rubino – Treasurer – Source

At the same office the State reports there is a second for-profit company called CRS Management Corp.

The officers are:

Leonard Rubino – President
Chris Rubino – Treasurer
Stephen Rubino – Secretary – Source

According to public records the domain name for CRS Financial Services at and is owned by Cyberhost-USA. looks like this.

And then they have yet another site at

And then there is

This site even claims “We are your leading online destination for debt consolidation, credit counseling, and other financial services.” – Source. I seriously doubt that’s a factual statement.

Bottom Line

The multiple sites promoting this company are a mess. They appear to need to consolidate their sites to point at one site and spend some time cleaning up their marketing messages to align with the new FTC Telemarketing Sales Rules regarding debt relief sales.

If there are any debt industry consultants out there that are looking for a client, give these folks a call to help clean up their sites. Please!


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