Consumer Freaked Out With American Financial Service and Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Changes

I received the following statement from a consumer regarding the recent changes at Legal Helpers Debt Resolution with the termination of their backend servicing companies, including apparently American Financial Service.

While the statements made might apply more to American Financial Service that was probably terminated, the perception is that this is poor service being delivered by Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and that’s going to be a big problem for them moving forward.


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Consumer Statement

I have been a customer of LHDR since March 2010 and have been pleased with the settlements we’ve been able to obtain on 6 of my 8 credit cards. I’ve steadily paid into the program, and American Financial Service (in LA) was handling all my cases. I had phone numbers of negotiators I could call, I kept in touch and did everything I was supposed to do, as did AFS.

All that changed on March 30th. I have been unable to get ahold of anyone at LHDR. The phone either rings and is never answered, or answered and I’m put on hold with no one answering. Worse, I got one call from LHDR and when I answered I was hung up on. I tried to call back immediately at his phone number, but the phone was never answered. Then, the representative emailed me that he didn’t know why I was complaining because, “when we spoke earlier, you said you were shopping and I should call another time.” I have no idea who this man spoke to, but it wasn’t me.

All of this raises huge red flags in my books, and I’ve gone to my bank and put a stop payment on all future payments to LHDR’s trust account. I’m leaving their program effectively immediately. I have no interest in paying into an account when I can’t talk to anyone at the company holding my money, and they lie to you in writing.

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  1. I could have written this letter, with only a few minor changes. I can’t get hold of them either; they have a phone tree set up in which as far as I can tell all the “options” take you to the same place, and then the call is answered with a recording that says the voicemail is disabled. I am going to move my money out of the bank its currently in, and plan to stop all payments to this fraudulent company. Older and wiser.


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