Is Thomassen Law Group a Legitimate and Reliable Law Firm? – Lillian

“Dear Steve,

We started paying Thomassen Law Group since September 11, 2011. Recently, we received a letter from a local lawyer representing one of our creditors giving us 30 days to pay our debt with the company they are representing. I faxed copy of the law office to Thomassen Law Group, called and spoke with one of the ladies there who told me she has already forwarded the documents to their legal department and somebody from the legal department will call me (yesterday). However, I received no call. Today, I tried calling them almost the whole day but got only a voice mail. After reading some comments from your web site, I am leery about having chosen the wrong company.

Could you please let me know if Thomassen Law Group is a legitimate and reliable law firm? They are collecting their monthly “fee” from our bank. Need your help please. Thank you.


Dear Lillian,

The reality is that no debt relief company can eliminate your legal liability for unpaid debts, that is except for a bankruptcy attorney.

It sounds like you are in a debt settlement program and a creditor has decided to sue you over a delinquent debt, which is their right to do.

The more alarming part of your story is that you are unable to reach Thomassen Law Group to get some clarity on how they expect to handle this issue.

Before we escalate this, can you post an update in the comments if you’ve heard from them yet, please.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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5 thoughts on “Is Thomassen Law Group a Legitimate and Reliable Law Firm? – Lillian”

  1. I too had enrolled in this program. After 5 months and endless phone calls where my creditors called and was very rude with me. I decided to try and call the law firm and see how things were doing. Let me add I did have phones from the firm from time to time telling me things were still in the mix but when I decided to call them it took them 2 weeks to get a call me back. I pulled out of the program..it just didnt feel right.

  2. I have received the following from client services regarding this client.

     “This client did not sign up in Sept, but August 2011.  She faxed a
    collection letter form a law firm on 4.10.12, and we had already
    contacted her and had spoken live with her on 4.13.12.”

  3. Also, I wish to make sure that we clarify that there are no monthly fees. The payment is a deposit that is being held in trust, Thomassen collects zero upfront or monthly fees and is a contingent fee firm. I have looked in our client enrollment logs for the month of September 2011 and find no one with the name of Lillian enrolled that month. Again, she may contact me directly at the number in the previous post.

    • Thanks for commenting. I hope this reader does reach out to you for help. Feel free to post an update if they do.

      I have no way of knowing if Lillian is her real name. The reader might have used an alternative name.

  4. Have this client call me directly at (866) 450-1440 ext. 306 and I will get her account manager to respond as well as verify that her case has been forwarded to legal appropriately


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