Stratton & Feinstein Account Was Taken Over by Legal Helpers Debt Resolution But Creditor Won’t Settle

I originally signed with Stratton and Feinstein as a debt consolidation. It was later bought out by Legalhelpers and everything changed. I am about to close out and finish up and I keep running into stall tactics. They won’t settle the last debt saying that the party won’t negotiate. When I try to ask what the issue is, you realize they haven’t actually made contact that they are going on PAST negotiations. They advise to wait until it is resold and they get a better company to negotiate with. I NEED to bring this to a close. I have enough in the account to settle at 45%, but can’t get them to make a move.

I went online to see what I could do and ran into your Jan 18, 2012 article “Whitman v. Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Global Client Solutions, Macey Bankruptcy Law”. At the time I did my research, Stratton and Feinstein seemed legit.

Is there anyone I can contact to help bring this to a close? Do you have any advice for what I should do next?

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