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Citibank to Fire 10,000 Workers And Raise Your Interest Rates

Anonymous sources in Citibank are leaking that Citibank expects to cut another 10,000 jobs, bringing the total jobs slashed this year at Citibank to 33,000.

In addition, Citibank is going to announce steep increases in the credit card interest rates and I’m sure we’ll also see higher credit card fees as well. The goal will be to place more “innocent” land mines in front of consumers that they can step on to increase revenue for Citibank.

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  • Just googled “fuck off citibank” and this site came up, lol.

    After being an on-time, loyal customer for 19 (!) years, Citibank raised my APR to 29.99%. What kind of half-assed business model screws over their long-time-customers like this? As I told the service rep on the phone, they’ve lost me as a customer for the rest of my life. Never, EVER do business with them for they will screw you over.

  • Well you all probably got a sneaky little letter and thought it was junk mail.
    The notices they sent out(seems it was around thankgiving yeh thanks) could easily have been mistaken for junk mail. It didn’t have the citi logo or anything it was just a plain envelope with this letter about raising the rate by this date or you must call and opt-out we are screwing you blah blah.

    It was very easy to miss and that’s just what they wanted you to do, not notice until it showed up on the bill. What a con! Why wouldn’t it just be in with the bill? Because citibank is shittybank!

  • Same story- for 3 months I didn’t realize citi had raised me from 5.99 to 14.99. So our tax money bails them out on one end, and interest on the other. I also have a great credit rating, and fortunately had just paid off most of my balance, so I’ll take the hit and drop this company fast. I will never do business with such a sneaky, underhanded, greed driven company as this again. When we all take a stand and decide to postpone all unnecessary purchases and pay in cash whenever possible for everything else, maybe they’ll get the picture.

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