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Should I Be Worried SC Law Group Has My Information?

“Dear Steve,

I saw your postings regarding SC Law Group and was curious. The person I talked to over the phone seems knowledgeable of mortgage modification. I have provided them info regarding my financial documents (bank statements, mortgage statements, and employer pay stubs). I needed to pay an upfront fee (several thousand) for the loan modification. I did not pay the upfront fee. Attached is copy of the mailing I got from SC Law Group.

From your postings, SC Law Group does not seem credible. Should I be worried that SC Law Group has my financial info? ”

I’m less concerned about SC Law Group having your information than I am about the mailing that you received. It looks like they are still sending out mailers that look like official government forms mailer that others have be chastised for. I mean really, hasn’t the folks behind SC Law Group taken enough heat for their mailers already?

Sending out mailers that say things like “Eligibility Notice” or “Payment Reduction Notice” seem deceptively confusing to me.

If you are worried about them having your information, contact them and ask them to destroy it and then keep your eye on a consolidated credit report or use a free service like CreditKarma to monitor your credit report for any activity.

Charging advanced fees for mortgage modification help is not permitted. Attorneys may have a limited exemption of they meet the following criteria:

  1. they are engaged in the practice of law

  2. they are licensed in the state where the consumer or the dwelling is located
  3. they are complying with state laws and regulations governing attorney conduct related to the rule.

I’m not sure what state you live in.

These limitations are found under the FTC Mortgage Assistance Relief Services rules (MARS)

The most significant consumer protection under the FTC’s new rule is the advance fee ban. Under this provision, mortgage relief companies may not collect any fees until they have provided consumers with a written offer from their lender or servicer that the consumer decides is acceptable, and a written document from the lender or servicer describing the key changes to the mortgage that would result if the consumer accepts the offer. The companies also must remind consumers of their right to reject the offer without any charge.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


Big Hug!

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  • lies

    lies, lies lies

    • Jason

      Could you be more specific? Or is that the only word you know?

  • I just received a letter from SC Law Group..stating that we may be eligible for new provisions under the HAMP 2.0 program. Same information as was posted in your previous question. I am not going to call them…just thought you should know they are still sending out their letters..They only have our mailing address, old mortgage balance and OLLLLLLDDDD mortgage company listed.

  • doubtful

    just got a mailer in the mail and it sounds too food to be true!

  • Sp

    Company is a total scam. For $3500 I was guaranteed a modification would go through. Three attempts later all that has gone down is my credit score from checks. Gilbert C. You should be ashamed at yourself for your promises. Person I’m most up upset with is myself for falling for this.

  • Mike

    bullshit your comments are a joke, what type of marketing do you do to obtain business other than negagtive comments about companies that perform the same services as yourself….??our lawyers are A rated and always will be. Our business is legal and always will be, I have been a mtg. banker for 27 years and am not about to jepordize my reputation and or licensing. I have also owned and operated my own corp. for debt consolidation. You charge a fee just as any other business does, do you not?

  • mike

    for you people that comment about not giving any real information to sc law group, get a job, get out of the house, and stop watching daytime tv….the reason why you received the mailer in the first place is because you are not paying your mortgage…

    • Mike Needs A PR Guy

      Way to plead your case Mike. If this is the mentality of the people working at this company, I am sure consumers will be tripping over themselves to call you now.

    • Mike is a Big SC Law Douche

      What a douche. If Mike works for SC Law then they are even bigger douches for hiring that thing called mike. Makes you want to all together not do business with SC Law.

      Thanks Mike for being a total ahole and showing me who they really are.

    • My mortgage is current……..we are underwater, but not delinquent……..Mike needs to get a life..

  • mike

    you are the scam buddy, big hugs?? weird….you are in the business of obtaining a fee for your services that you can not guarantee yet you take payment for your services upfront? your comments regarding sc law group are bullshit. there is no scam with them, i in fact had a great modification process with them with very good results.

  • Ceci2sweet

    I received a flyer from this group as well and made the call.  I was advised by a gentleman that I may qualify for some programs and requested my mortgage statement and utility bill for proof of residency.  He said he would send me the email requesting that information.  After speaking with my husband and researching further, I found this blog and others. I checked the address on the email with the address on the website and they don’t match except for the state.
    I am glad I read these blogs before giving them any of my information.

    • Balde

      I too called on the mailer tonight. Same story as everyone else. I too am glad I didn’t give them any ‘real’ information yet and that I saw this blog.

  • Tony

    Wow, I kinda figured it might be a scam.  I received the same mailer that someone posted in the blog.  I called last Friday and spoke with a representative and when she answered, it was a “hello”, and I asked if I was calling Wells Fargo to which she responded, No.  She said they are part of a law firm that assists homeowners with qualifying for the HAR program and I told her that I had already been told that I did not qualify for the HARP.  I was told they could get me a mortgage rate as low as 2% and my current rate is 6.9%.  She never made mention of a fee for the service, only if my mortgage was Fannie Mae or Freddic Mac!!  I’ve gathered all the requested information from the check list and decided before sending it in to do some investigating.  I live in Maryland, and found it odd that I would receive assistance from a company in California, that was a law group.  Even news reports and public service announcements tell us that we should not pay for such services, especially if it’s a HUD approved assistance program.  I spoke with a friend who works at HUD and he directed me to http://www.makinghomeaffordable.gov/programs/lower-rates/Pages/harp.aspx.  I am underwater in my current home and can afford my mortgage and other monthly obligations but was only wanting a principal reduction to the current market value and/or get a lower interest rate, whichever would benefit me in the long run. I am so glad that you guys posted this information about your experiences and SC Law Group.  

    • My letter has a return address of Dallas, TX. It came to me via BULK MAIL…which is considered JUNK mail…

  • Sc-law-is-a-scam

    SC-Law is a complete scam.  They don’t even exist.  Just try to go to SC-Law Group’s address in person and you will know the company is completely bogus.  In fact SC-Law changed its fake company address multiple times because the original address belongs to some stand-alone retail store and not a business with office units.  These jerks got smarter and changed its fake company address to an address that is actually an office building.  Thus when new victims look up its new fake address on internet maps the potential victim might actually think SC-Law is legit because it is located in a legit office building.  Do not be fooled.  Again, you will need to go to the fake company’s address in person to know it is completely bogus.  I feel bad because I think I might have made SC-Law’s scam better because it has changed its address to a real office building.

    Wish someone can shut them down and throw them behind bars.

    • Maria Gomez

      Sc law group is real. I have been there, and you’ll be suprise how great they really are.

  • Kim

    I recieved a similar mailing as well. I called them and with our situtation we were told we qualify for many programs one being the rate modification, two being a principal reduction, three being a rate reduction on our second, which in the past has been very hard to get! We are self employed , underwater and had a income reduction in which we were told qualifys us. I was told of a fee of $3,000 to $3500 would be what it would cost. They are reviewing the inofrmation I sent I was supposed to speak with them further. I have not. I was taken aback by the $3000 fee not that I expect it to be free but when your income is reduced and it is hard enough to make payments do you thinkI have an extra $3000 sitting around? Now that I have seen these posts I am really not sure how to proceed or who to trust!

  • Ronald G. Kelsey

    I received an SC Law Group mailer similar to one I reviewed on your website. I made the call. A lady took down some basic information, and told be a man would be calling me back. He did call, and took down the balances on my mortgage and home equity line of credit. If you add the two together, I am under water. I have excellent credit and have no problems meeting my current mortgage and HELOC payments. However, I wanted to refinance and roll my HELOC balance into a new 30-yr fixed @ 2% or thereabouts. He said I would receive a call from Pacific Mercantile Bank shortly. That was over four hours ago. I am in Frederick, MD and retired military.

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