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CBSD On Your Credit Report? Here is What it Means And What You Should Do About It.

If your credit report contains the notation CBSD it is a common abbreviation for Citibank South Dakota (CBSD). This account may be a store card or an account in the name of Citibank.

Regardless, if you want to get to the bottom of the CBSD account on your credit report, I would suggest that you contact the CBSD creditor at the number on the credit report and inquire about the account you don’t recognize.

The Citibank customer service department may clear up the confusion on this strange account quickly or confirm you might be the victim of identity theft.

Here’s the bottom line if you find a CBSD creditor listed on your credit report, don’t panic. With a little investigation and some phone calls the mystery will be solved and I’m confident it will work out just fine.

If the account is not yours, just get a consolidated credit report to see which credit bureaus are reporting this CBSD account and follow the instructions to dispute the debt with the credit bureaus.

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