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I Filed Bankruptcy But Now Want to Buy a House. How Do I Do That? – Aisha

“Dear Steve,

Filed for bankreptcy about four years ago, so my credit is really bad. I would like to buy a house, but how can I do so with bad credit?

I filled for bankruptcy and it was discharged soon after. It is now four years later and I really would like to purchase a home. I’m not sure how to make this dream into a reality. Most banks would never allow me to get a loan and without one I don’t know how I could purchase a home. The way I see it is that unless my credit is better and fixed up then theres now way possible for me to buy a house. Should I try a credit repair company, like sky blue or Lexington law? Looking forward to your response, thank you for your time.


Dear Aisha,

It sounds to me as if some incorrect assumptions have held you back from being able to buy a house now.

I’ve written a couple of guides on how to buy a house after bankruptcy but I think the article that will provide you with the best overall advice is How Long After Bankruptcy Can I Buy a House?

You can be qualified to buy a house as quickly as two years after bankruptcy if you begin to rebuild your credit immediately following this guide.

The mistake many make, and unfortunately even you, is that they become credit disenfranchised following their bankruptcy and avoid credit like the plague. When in fact they need to get right back in the game using my sensible guide on how to rebuild great credit quickly.

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