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USADP – USA Debt Processors Says What?

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader sent in an email with a message about USA Debt Processors. They wanted to know:

  1. How can they say they are “FTC Compliant” at bottom of page?
  2. They do not appear to be licensed in Indiana.
  3. Global Client Solutions is identified as a bank and FDIC insured.

So I went and checked the claims made.

It does appear that USA Debt Processors is running a graphic that says they are FTC compliant. I agree, that’s a problem. They even use the FTC logo. Rut-Ro.

The company does appear to be a licensed company in Indiana as USA Debt Processors Corporation. Their website lists them at:

USA Debt Processors
24402 W. Lockport St.
Suite 221
Plainfield, IL 60544 – Source

According to the list of licensed debt management companies provided by the State of Indiana, USA Debt Processors does not appear to be on that list. – Source. In Indiana I was told by the State, debt settlement companies do not need a license.

Their site does seem to say that Global Client Solutions is a bank. That would be in error. Insert head slap here.

A special hat tip to the reader that sent this in.

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