Stealing Trust – Marylanders Speak Out on Frauds, Scams and Financial Abuses

Got an hour to kill? Here is an interesting documentary that appeared on Maryland Public Television that covers a number of financial issues that have harmed consumers.

The film covers a number of financial issues, including some debt settlement companies. Different consumers appear and share their story, A Baltimore resident talks about his experience in an advanced fee debt settlement company where paying the fees first only put him further behind.

One point of view made is that consumers should know better than to fall victim to bad companies.

If anything, the film just reaffirms the need to protect consumers from companies that are not consumer friendly. It also supports why the debt relief industry needs to not allow companies to harm consumers. It only results in negative presentations like this one.

One person relates her experience with a debt settlement company that was supposed to represent her with an attorney, and was sued.

The film also covers loan modifications and home contracting victims who have lost money. The 40-minute film, directed by John Spilane, won the 2012 Community Empowerment Film Award from the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC).

Watch Stealing Trust on PBS.


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Steve Rhode

3 thoughts on “Stealing Trust – Marylanders Speak Out on Frauds, Scams and Financial Abuses”

  1. Really Steve?  This is as relevant to the debt settlement space as fair share is to credit counselors.  It’s a thing of the past.  This movie is old and based on pre-FTC Rule procedures.  Why is this relevant?

  2. I just wish people just stop believe it they should know notting is true they all lies even if they ask you you need to pay $4.95 cents it meens that they want your account number as soon as you give them that watch out your money just gone from your bank


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