2 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT – Financial Management Partners – Consumer Complaint – 5-16-2012”

  1. Hi Stave you are right I will be receiving all kind of scam and I did I answer them back I told them if it really for me you should know everything about me even my name but if you trying to scam on me this company all ready did on me Benjamin and Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism took everything I have they even took my children and I future right now am looking for someone to just point me to the right person to help me out I keep email the company to give me back everything I have lost I know they receiving itbut they don’t want to answer me but I’ll keep doing it until some willing to help me even if I have to put it out on the news so who ever working with them they will no what kind of company they really are that they are really bad company to work and be with it really hart what they did


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