American Web Loan – Consumer Complaint – 5-21-2012

Consumer Statement:

A web site by American Web Loan, which is very misleading in not only how your payments are made but what they are actually applied too. This is the worse kind of scam and should never have been allowed! DO NOT APPLY!!!

I took a loan out from AmericanWebLoan, (I should also say, that I was continuosly offered loans from one company after the other when I appied), in truth, so many had popped up, I couldn’t make head or tails as to if any were ever processed. However, this one I had actually spent the most time with and after several web site lock up’s, setting up payments, a pop up screen show’s up, with the explaination that I needn’t do another thing, if I make all the payments it indicated 15 of them, that after that period, I’d be able to get a larger loan if I ever needed from them again as a way of saying thank you! So, I did nothing an allowed them to take those 15 payments bye-weekly. after such time, I contact them because they continued to take payments even after those 15. When I called customer service about it, they informed me that I hadn’t paid anything on the loan at all? $1800 was taken on a $1000 loan. I had the bank information to prove it, but they informed me that those payments where just thier fee’s and that I had to make above those payments to draw down on my loan? I informd them that nothing I filled or signed or clicked on indicated that at all, in fact, their we site leave everyone with the impression you need to nothing more when you set it up! The scam, is that is isn’t true at all, so, I called my bank and blocked any further payments being taken. To ensure they didn’t get around it, I also closed that particular bank account! Now they are sending me a law firm notice asking for an additional $1500 more. Indian or no, my answer to them and anyone else thinking of doing so, NO, “no more’ not now, not later, not ever!

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Consumer Action Taken:

Tried showing the customer service rep my bank statements which indicated my payments, showed that the web site part that indicated I needn’t have done anything more, they gave me the impression, that they didn’t care, nor are bound by any laws or governess of these types of loans that OUR GOVERNMENT CAN’T prevent or stop! And then just laughed, well, the joke is on them, they will get nothing! DON’T FALL FOR THIS OR ANY WEB BASED LOANS

Date This Problem Happened: September 12, 2011

State You Live in: Florida


Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: American Web Loan

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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3 thoughts on “American Web Loan – Consumer Complaint – 5-21-2012”

  1. Those guys are doing the same thing to me as the above gentleman. I’m sick and tired of scams. I’m a naval vetran, who got out and two years later needed help. No games just help. After watching my credit score drop, from previous struggles I said I wanted to get on the right step and start building credit again and pay some bills that really needed to be paid. Now they are saying they are going to take me to court. This after telling me I’m not paying and calling me and telling me so on the day of the first payment and then the followning payment. I have bank statements proving I’ve paid on time and everytime. So I’m following in the foot steps of the above gentleman, and I’m stopping the payments after I’ve paid in full. Never again will I make a wed transaction for a loan of any type. Please don’t get scamed by these people too. Zero stars would be just, or negative stars

  2. american web loan is an scam!! i have pay on my loan four mos an my bal have not change. i try calling an get misleading information.i will not pay them any more money. i am currently seeking a lawyer. This terrible that company like this are allow to steal your hard earn money, an the goverment stand bye.

    • Hi twdouglas I was just wondering what was the outcome of your experience and having to get a lawyer. I am going through the same thing with AWL and need to get out of it


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