Lloyd Ward Sued by State Bar of Texas – Commission for Lawyer Discipline

Texas attorney Lloyd Ward, as part of Lloyd Ward & Associates, has beed sued by the State Bar of Texas, Commission for Lawyer Discipline over his alleged actions concerning debt settlement activities related to Debt RX USA and Silverleaf Debt Solutions.

The complaint, filed on May 23, 2012, alleges that in “June 2008, Michael Miles created Debt RX USA, LLC to operate as a debt settlement and negotiation company. On March 19, 2009, Miles hired Lloyd Ward to represent Debt RX as legal counsel.

Lloyd Ward subsequently prepared a Management Agreement between Lloyd Ward & Associates, PC and Miles which provided for Debt RX to manage the collection division of Lloyd Ward & Associates. Debt RX as manager was to receive 90 percent of the monthly net profits from this division. Lloyd Ward was to receive the remaining 10 percent of the net profits. The funds came from clients paying for debt settlement services.

In November 2009, Miles created Silverleaf Debt Solutions, LLC. Silverleaf and Lloyd Ward did not have a written agreement, but Lloyd Ward and Silverleaf did business together under the same terms as the agreement that Lloyd Ward had with Debt RX including the 90 percent / 10 percent fee split arrangement.

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The 10 percent fee that Lloyd Ward received from both Debt RX and Silverleaf was for legal fees that Lloyd Ward incurred. When sending invoices for these legal services, Lloyd Ward addressed them to Debt RX and/or Miles-Silverleaf.

When entering into these agreements with Miles and both Debt RX and Silverleaf, Lloyd Ward failed to give them a reasonable opportunity to either seek the independent advice of counsel regarding the agreements or obtain their written consent. In addition, Lloyd Ward failed to furnish Miles and both Debt RX and Silverleaf with a conflict of interest waiver for signature.

Various lawsuits were subsequently filed against Lloyd Ward, Miles, Debt RX and Silverleaf. Lloyd Ward hired outside counsel to represent one or more parties without informing them of the lawsuit. In addition, the parties were not consulted regarding responsive pleadings that were filed including motions to dismiss.

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Finally, Lloyd Ward misrepresented to Miles that there were tax issues involving Debt RX and Silverleaf. Lloyd Ward attempted to get Miles to sell Silverleaf stock to him to cure these alleged tax problems.” – Source

In the interest of disclosure, in October 2011 Lloyd Ward sued myself, my wife, this site and the Myvesta Foundation. The case is ongoing and there is nothing to report on that mater.


Texas Disciplinary History

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9 thoughts on “Lloyd Ward Sued by State Bar of Texas – Commission for Lawyer Discipline”

  1. I can give you a little insight into the mind of Mr. Lloyd Ward. He screwed my start-up company out of several thousand dollars (think $18-20k) when he was supposed to put our deposit into an escrow account, but instead put it into his personal accounts. When we tried to find out where our funds were… calls went without return, emails ignored, etc… months later we finally had to hire a local Texas law firm to sue Lloyd. Since Lloyd knows the Texas legal system well, he purposely tied up our company with legal maneuvers so we would eat up legal fees hoping we would just go away. This guy is a major league A#$%@hole. How many lawsuits and ‘scam’ mentions does he need to get, before the State Bar of Texas realizes he is giving them a bad name. ridiculous!!

  2. can somebody please post the phone number where michael pflaum currently works?  his number at lloyd ward is no longer active, since they separated.  i cannot find the number for the debt solution if that is who he works for?

  3. can somebody please post the phone number where michael pflaum currently works?  his number at lloyd ward is no longer active, since they separated.  i cannot find the number for the debt solution if that is who he works for?

  4. Based upon this posting above and many other complaints about them, I am gathering that LWA are not above board in a lot of areas, which is ironic being that a law firm that must adhere to the law or risk losing their license.    I wonder how many people out there currently have “issues” with this firm or know for a fact from having made calls to their credit card companies themselves, that the money that was negotiated on their behalf by LWA was never actually paid?

    There appears to be multiple attempts by individuals attempting to get refunds on debt paid to LWA or associated debt consolidators, but I wonder why not a class action lawsuit?

    • Issues with Lloyd Ward, yes I have.  They have michael a. pflaum working as a litigation specialist and he is a career criminal who has decided not to pay his alimony.  Lloyd ward and company is also not processing an income deduction order signed by judge gamboa in miami.

      read more on pflaum and who he really is here:

  5. Type your comment here.Interesting article and title. Trying to follow how they relate to each other. Title speaks of a State Bar Lawsuit, yet body of content is regarding a civil suit between two parties in business. I’m interested in something related to the title. (although the other is entertaining). I’m sure I’m lost but come on Steve, help me here. Your title clearly reads “lloyd ward sued by state bar…. Blah blah”. But what does your content have to do with that. Your readers deserve facts not a personal attack of a fight you have. Again I’m probably lost but I read your blog daily and have grown to respect it and I hope you decide to stay the course with integrity vs just a justifiable forum for your own vendettas. Give us what you pretray not just fluff to hit your hidden agendas please. We all get plenty of bs from the politicians.

    • I was very careful to not influence the reporting on this. I simply use the name of the plaintiff that filed the case and according to court records it is Case No. DC-12-05771 STATE BAR OF TEXAS vs. LLOYD WARD. And I added the title they gave the complaint filed. If you look at the sourced document you will see it says Commission for Lawyer Discipline v Lloyd Eugene Ward. So I thought the title was extremely accurate.


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