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Universal Fidelity LP – Consumer Complaint – 6-7-2012

Consumer Statement:

I recvd a bill from Universal Fidelity LP for their client who is supposedly a legal successor of Hollywood Video. They are telling me from 2- 1/2 years ago that I have late rental fees from movies. I know this is untrue. I had a zero balance on my account when the store closed. I know this because I purchased some movies and went through my account.

There is even a repeat of the same movie on this supposed list of late rentals from October 2009 and again in December of 2010.

They are stating I owe $58.54 for movies rented in 10/18/09 up to 2/28/10.
I’m sure if you have late fees, they are not going to continue to still let you rent movies 5 months later. I believe this is a scam and they give a PO box to mail payments to in Texas.

Consumer Action Taken:

No contact because the debt is not valid. If it was, I would pay it.

Date This Problem Happened: April 6, 2012

State You Live in: Wisconsin

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Universal Fidelity LP

Company Address:

PO box 941911
Houston, TX 77094

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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About Consumer

This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by or Steve Rhode.
  • GBL

    November, 2012

    To whom it may concern:
    I received a letter from (Universal Fidelity, LP) stating that they are representing (Movie Gallery, Inc.), (Hollywood Video’s) successor in an attempt to collect a debt they claim that I still owe from March of 2009. I hate to get all “Columbo” on them but the following things struck me as odd:
    (1) If I owed Hollywood Video money, of which I don’t, why wouldn’t Movie Gallery Inc. have attempted to collect it first, before sending it to a collection agency?
    (2) Why would Hollywood Video’s successor (Movie Gallery, Inc) wait for more than 3 years before sending out a correspondence through Universal Fidelity, LP?
    I smell a big scam! Sorry Universal Fidelity, LP. Go take someone elses money!

  • Washingtonnavywife

    I received a collection notice from Universal Fidelity claiming I had owed money for XBOX games.  Funny thing is we  don’t own an XBOX.  I do believe this is a scam as well.

  • Ellisonlb8

    I also received a letter from Universal Fidelity LP, They claim I owe money from a store that was closed in June of 2009 but My debt is from Sept. of 2009, How does that work? So I have disputed this with them and I will be writing a letter to First Term Lenders about this issue. I really peaks my curiosity on why this company does not have a phone number you can only contact them by mail. I will send my letter certified that way they cannot claim that my dispute was never filed with them. I think this is bogus as I have already read about a dozen complaints about the same issue. It’s amazing how many former employees of Hollywood video are getting these letters.

  • Dimigar

    I received a letter from Universal Fidelity, LP also which claimed that I owe $16.45. I had a zero balance from Hollywood Video before it closed its Seattle store in 2009. 

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