Greenleaf Finance UK – Consumer Complaint – 6-22-2012

Consumer Statement:

i had £39.99 taken from my account by a company called green leaf finance. i have never heard of this company until i saw on my statement that they had taken money from me. i know this is a scam as i applied for a payday loan through textloan.co.uk, they issued me a loan of £100. the next thing i know i go to the bank to withdraw the money about ten minutes after it going into my account, to find i could only take out £60 because green leaf finance have earmarked £39.99 to take. like i said i have never heard of this company and i find it a bit strange that i get £100 put into my account,then the next thin g they are taking money out. how did green leaf fincance know there was money in my account to be taken unless they are part of textloan.co.uk.

Consumer Action Taken:

i went through the textloan.co.uk website and re-read all terms and conditions but could not find anything about green leaf finance being a broker for them. I have tried looking for the green leaf finance address and phone number but the website is very vague, it doesn’t give you proper contact details and emails have recieved no reply. i have seen a lot of forums about this company and i can’t believe they are still being allowed to operate when they are just scamming desperate people trying to find a payday loan. i never gave them my bank details, nor did i authorise them to take a payment, yet here i am with only £60 left of a £100 payday loan that i am going to have to pay back in full. Green leaf finance must be part of textloan as there is no way they would of known there was money in my account without textloan telling them.so far i have been unsuccessful in my attempts to contact the company, so i am taking this t o my bank and i will complain to the highest watchdog that will listen

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Date This Problem Happened:

State You Live in: West Midlands, UK

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: £39.99

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Company Name: Greenleaf Finance

Company Address:

35 st paul’s square
birmingham, b3 1qx

Company Telephone Number: 08448700817

Website of Company: greenleaffinance.co.uk

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