A Company is Promising to Lower Our Mortgage Rate to 2 Percent. Is That True? – Emmy

“Dear Steve,

Home mortgate restructure!!!

Just like million people in this country, My husband lost his job last year , we couldn’t affort the mortgate.

we got some mail, i call and those law firm said that they will be able to get us to some program like Restructure home loan..

and the rate only 2%.

Is there really that good program?

Please, help


Dear Emmy,

Thank you so much for reaching out for some help and advice on this. That’s a smart thing to do.

The mailer you got is an advertisement to sell you some services for a fee. I have no idea who the company is so my remarks are going to be general.

In my experience these mailers promising similar results are not to be believed. There have been serious consequences to these companies include seizure, closure, and significant fines for participants. Even attorneys have lost their license to practice law. Basically the underlying problem is they don’t deliver what they promise yet they charge advanced fees for the service.

Below you will find a number of resources you can turn to to see what solutions might be available for you. I strongly advise that you check those sources out first before you spend any money. That approach will give you a good understanding of what solutions might actually be available for you.

But if the situation is now that you earn less than you did before and the mortgage payment is too much for you to afford, that’s an entirely different issue. If you want to quickly restructure your home loan then you should look at refinancing it.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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