I Left Australia With Debt and Now I’m in India and Can’t Pay HSBC. – Romey

“Dear Steve,

hello i had left Australia with credit card debt with 2 banks HSBC,common wealth bank .As my permanent residence file was rejected i had to move back to India . i am jobless here in India .i am not able to return the money of credit cards i owed in Australia and i don,t want to go back there . can they take any action against me in India and will that affect my police clearance certificate IN AUSTRALIA. PLEASE HELP……….


Dear Romey,

First off the situation is what it is. There appears to be no dispute that you owe the money, but that you simply don’t have any income to use to repay the money due.

Rather than live in fear, just face the issue head on. It is possible that the account could be farmed out to a debt collector in India to try to intimidate you but unless HSBC knows where to find you in India I would be surprised if you were contacted.

The bank will probably sell your debt to a new debt buyer and when you have steady income coming in, then we can deal with the situation.

Until then, focus on finding a job and relax.

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3 thoughts on “I Left Australia With Debt and Now I’m in India and Can’t Pay HSBC. – Romey”

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  2. hi. i left australia in 2008. i did not paid credit card money back to anz and phone bills because i was jobless. will that affect if i apply for police clearance to fedral police in australia


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