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Citibank Says They Can Give Me a Much Lower Payment and Interest if I Go to a Branch. – Michelle

“Dear Steve,

Due to some medical expenses and lack of work for a few months I did get behind on my credit card payment..I’ve made small payment but not enough to get me currant I’m 88 days past due…

I’m trying to get current on my citicard but can’t seem to make up for 88 days of being behind…citi has told me to go get credit counseling help through one of their citibanks…they said they will accept a payment offer from them to help reduce my interest by a huge amount. My current offer without going to the Citibank (they are calling this their credit counsling service) is 850.00 amonth for 4 months to get current..The credit card company says if I go to one of their branches they will reduce my interest and accept a payment of 375.00 a month until paid. My problem is I have read reviews of this procedure of using their banks and it’s not looking to good…a lot of people are angry and they are saying its shady..causing payments to be late etc…I want to pay my debt but I am stuck is this the best solution… Is going to this bank my only way out?


Dear Michelle,

I think we need to take a step back here and hopefully you can given me some additional information. I’d hate to just react to the Citibank debt if you have others as well.

Additionally I’d like to know what the underlying reason was why you got behind and how much you can afford to repay each month to Citibank and still be able to save $100 a month at the same time.

It sounds maybe like they are trying to enroll you in either an internal hardship program or possibly send you to an outside credit counseling group for a debt management plan.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  • be careful they want you to come in so they know what you look like and if you drive there they will get your plate number and make and model of car you drive.They should be able to help you over the phone.  

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