Narasimhan Consulting & Mortgage Eliminators Says The Can Use Bankruptcy to Get a Quiet Title on My Property. – Tom

“Dear Steve,

We have been fighting foreclosure for 3 yrs trying to get a mod, and have been studying & preparing to go pro se if necessary to save our home, we feel pro se is to much to attempt and hired an atty who basically doesn’t feel we have a case and says to prepare to move out, we live in OR, we have a sale date of 8/30, we have a Wachovia Pick A Payment loan 7/08, no auditors can find any securitization info on our loan, they say it is probably an “in house portfolio loan”. “AJ” below was referred to us by a friend who is using him to fight his foreclosure; his tactics appear to use BK Quiet Title, adversary proceding, in Fed Ct.

Do you have any info on AJ, is he legitimate? He is a paralegal, worked for atty Jeffrey A. Cancilla ’09-’10

(AJ) Ajit A. Narasimhan, CEO
Narasimhan Consulting & Mortgage Eliminators

BK Network, Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
888.958.6815 x101

I found this on the internet: Cancilla was disbarred for a yr for misconduct 6/11; supposedly hired Tom Duong to run Provident Law Gp who Cancilla says was stealing from him, Duong left and joined w/ Colombana?


Dear Tom,

Now there are some names from the past. Wow. Click on these links for more: Brian Colombana, Jeffrey Cancilla, and Tuan Duong.

The company BK Network, Inc. is a registered California company and reports to be located at 2233 E. Santa Clara Ave, Apartment E, Santa Anna, CA 92706. Narasimhan Consulting & Mortgage Eliminators is not the name of a registered company in California.

From what I was able to learn online it appears BJ Network, Inc. is a paralegal service. They can’t provide you with legal advice.

The website, bknetwork.net, attributed to BK Network, Inc. by the BBB does not lead to a business website. It’s a placeholder page. – Source, Source

The website AJ uses for his email address says it is disabled as well.

I’d certainly get a second opinion before spending any money. One attorney in California that has been very helpful to site readers has been Kristin Crone, Esq. of UFAN. You may want to contact her for a second opinion before you jump at anything.

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I’d like to know more about the case you feel has been successful. It is interesting since it is my impression that a quiet title action does not remove the lien against the property so it would still leave you stuck in a property with a lien, even if you discharge the mortgage in bankruptcy. If you can give me the name of your friend who filed using this trick and/or the case number I can look up the case and give you more information. Without that, I’m shooting in the dark about any specifics of that case.

I did find this information that appears on point to your question as well.

I intend to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy soon, and, while under the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court, file a Quiet Title suit in an Adversary Proceeding against my secured mortgage lender.

I will be challenging the validity of the deed of trust due to it being flawed (in my opinion), and, as a result, there are now legitimate questions as to ownership of my home. A title company has determined there is a cloud on my property and is unwilling to insure unless the cloud is cleared. I believe I can use the Declaratory Judgments Act for action to Quiet Title.

My question is this: Is this type of issue something that the bankruptcy court can/will resolve, or, is the state court the place to present this problem?


“The bankruptcy court generally will not resolve issues of title legitimacy on a property – that is a state court issue. You cannot, however, simply initiate a legal action concerning a piece of real property. During a bankruptcy proceeding, the trustee is in charge of all assets of the bankruptcy estate, your property included. You will need to consult with them before making any legal challenges to anything related to the property. The trustee may have other ideas about what is best.”

“Bankruptcy courts have the power to decide liens and ownership of property of the estate. However, if this is the only reason you are filing, you are better off fighting this in state court where there are no jurisdiction issues and you will be in control of the case. I strongly suggest hiring an attorney to review your case. These cases are complex.”

“Sounds like a State court question to me. Assuming your property is fully exempt (I believe Texas has an unlimted homestead exemption if you qualify), there’s no reason for the trustee to be interested in the matter and thus no reason for the matter to be litigated in bankruptcy court.” – Source

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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26 thoughts on “Narasimhan Consulting & Mortgage Eliminators Says The Can Use Bankruptcy to Get a Quiet Title on My Property. – Tom”

  1. I have been working with AJ for awhile now. On a personal level the guy has been everything the referral said he is. As a professional he has been fantastic and great. No he is not a lawyer yet, but he takes care of you and is really such a nice guy and easy to talk with. This is not always the case with people in the law field. In life you can only make a firm decision based on what you personally know from direct results. So to make any judgement call on someone based on other people has no place of merit. I am more than willing to talk to anyone on the phone about what I have going on and you can look up my case to see i am currently active. That is unless it is not allowed by the courts to do so.

    • The “guy” Ajit A. N. Is nothing but a compulsive lair. He has no remorse taking peoples money but its a matter of time when the complains star building up. Today I called NALA and they told me that this individual is NOT a NALA member. Isubmitted a complain to the Sfollowing: the tate Board of Paralegal, NALA, Criminal Police Dept.,and many others. He took my money and did nothing for me but put a BK on my credit and lost one of my houses. I do have proof that he did nothing for me. That will come soon. If you notice 25 days ago he said he was going to send proof but he has an excuse for everything.. He gives legal advice yet he has no lawyer that is on his side.. While he was” working on my case” I refered him to so many people then he has the nerve to get mad at me because I put presure to work on my case he got upset and stopped working on my case. There is more to come…

      • Interesting – I’ve been working with AJ for about 6 months and have had no issues whatsoever and he has been a “blessing” for me and my family. Sounds like you have an agenda and have been dealing with someone other than AJ, because he has been nothing but professional, candid and a person who is intelligent, hard working and a real expert in this arena,

        • I will echo redmom and action jax – AJ and his company are the best out there for assisting homeowners. He has an attorney he works under and probably knows more than most lawyers. Seems like interesting is off about AJ.

          • What is interesting as well that you(Ajit A N himself is trying to cover up by using someone else’s name to say good thing about yourself. You are pathetic Ajit! Ellis_John, redmom, and jax are all you Ajit A. N. The time and the date is one after another.. I will get a hold of all the people I referred you and show them the kind of trick you are.. I do have people that you supposedly help and did nothing for them. All you do is: put us an a bankruptcy chapter 7 or 9, let it open as long as the courts permits, you tell us that it will not hurt our credit, you advise us not to go to the 341 meeting, don’t tell us why, you file the Adversary proceedings, you promise to have “your Lawyer show up to the meetings” but you don’t have a lawyer and keep prolonging the file and see how far you can get with it, if the judge dismisses the file soon, you pretend you don’t know us.. Or want more money to continue postponing the debt, you don’t serve the defendants, you don’t record in the court that the serving was done so all you do is hopes that the judge rules in your favor.. You think judges are stupid and going to let you get the home by fraud? Come out with your own name and defend yourself, come out and defend yourself here, from me. come on, where is the proof you promised to post here 2 months ago. You are so used to given excuses and the run around you have no clue what you tell us on your emails. I know someone that you have been lying too and I DO HAVE PROOF! Oh, wait, you don’t come and write in this site because…,let me guess your excuse, ” your pants are too loose and don’t have a belt to tighten them.”

          • Well it never ceases to amaze me the cowardliness of those hiding behind fictitious names on the Internet to vent. Why don’t you post your name Interesting? 

          •  I had a great experience with AJ – paperwork came in quick, great conversations – really seemed to care and was very responsive to my questions and needs.  A real breath of fresh air.  Now I have found that in both the federal case and the UD that my papers were never served and no proof submitted to the court and I can’t get AJ to talk to me on the phone.  Problems with the federal suit and can’t get AJ to make it right.  But AJ did have attorneys come to represent me in court as he had promised but with paperwork issues didn’t do any good.  Wondering why it started out so great but then fizzled to a big nothing and I’m out several grand.  Bad situation.  A part of me is still hoping it was a glitch and I will start seeing the same service I saw to begin with but not holding my breath.  Really hoping he comes through for me as promised.

          • Update on my situation – AJ pawned me off on ‘Richard’ – Richard promised me paperwork to fix the defective paperwork AJ had provided me – promised for well over a month – paperwork never came and Richard stopped accepting my phone calls and quit responding to emails – Monday found out Richard left the company and I will be assigned to ‘Mike’. Nobody ever called me back, not even ‘Mike’, and now the phone is disconnected. My case was dismissed because of the defects in AJs paperwork – the same defects that AJ promised me he had fixed – he promised me Jeff fixed it – even when I argued that PACER did not show the fix he convinced me that I was wrong – now the case is dismissed because of it – still no summons on the case – NOTHING was ever served even though AJ promised me it was and it was in my contract that AJ would serve – the TRO was never put in place even though AJ promised it was – I got evicted and cannot argue title now that I’m out of the house. I’m furious!

  2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Steve, however, there are a lot of misinformation within your response and Tom Gary’s question. First of all, Mortgage Eliminators and Narasimhan Consulting are DBA’s off my parent company U Rock Music, Inc. Also, I am pasting the link for my BBB rating while running BK Network.
    http://www.la.bbb.org/business-reviews/Paralegal-Services/BK-Network-Inc-in-Orange-CA-100090387 I had to close down my company in 2011, due to employees stealing monies from the company, salesman promising things and myself working nearly 22 hours a day.The related comments about Tom Duong, Brian Colombana and Jeffrey Cancilla are more than likely true. However, I was an employee of all three individuals, but left those paralegal positions because i could smell something fishy going on. In fact, if you look on PACER as well as within the Superior Court of Orange County, you will see multiple litigation suits filed against the above named people for invasion of privacy, Illegal recordings. BK 8:II-bk-21448-RK and related AP. OC Court Case No. 30-2010-00430533.Everything I do is under the supervision of an attorney, as per the California Business and Professions Code. In addition, I am a full-time law student and intend on becoming a California Bar Certified attorney in the not so distant future, so jeopardizing that career path would not only be foolish, but insane at the same time. Here is a link to my graduation speech as I was graciously asked to be the keynote speaker.http://www.southcoastcollege.com/blog/?p=360 Currently, I do not have a Web site, however, that is in the works and the 850-BK site never sold (As I was attempting to sell the domain off Go Daddy)I have not had any negative feedback from the community and in fact, have been able to be quite successful in my work. As I realize most people are skeptical and have every right to be so, however, sometimes too much information, a la the Internet, can be as detrimental as not enough information. I welcome your feedback!Source: Get Out of Debt (http://s.tt/1heji)


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