Does The Resolution Law Group Sales Pitch Sound Like Those Mass Joinder Cases That Were Shut Down? – Todd

“Dear Steve,

Hello Steve,

I am following up on a recent response to another question…’Should I believe what the Resolution Group is telling me – Larraine

I have also receceived same letter but requested further information from the Resolution Group. Below is an email response from one of the ‘intake specialists’ that works for the resolution group, and I have attached two documents; one of which is the alleged suite they have filed in the State of NY.

Hi again Todd,

The attorney general case I talked about was filed by the AGs from all the states. If you google “$25 Billion Bank Settlement”, you will get tons of information about it. All but one state settled. The banks admitted wrongdoing, etc. It’s good stuff. Looking at our case, we have filed for pretty much the same things alleged in the AGs suits.



Does RLG’s suite sound more legit than the other mass joinder cases that have been shut down in other states; or is their sales pitch and support documentation just better?


Dear Todd,

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The case you attached is incomplete. I assume this case was sent to you, attached to the email from the sales representative.

I noticed the case sent to you appears to have not been filed with the court. There is no data stamp on it, no case number, and it is not signed by the attorneys. I was unable to locate any such case filed online.

I would suggest you call your sales representative back and ask them for a court stamped final copy of the lawsuit showing it was actually filed. Until they can do that, all you’ve got here is a 190 page Word document that does not prove anything in my book.

The sales representative appears to ask you to read the attached case and come to some conclusions based on a settlement the Attorney General’s reached. That seems like a ridiculous request since you are not a lawyer not have any expertise in this matter.

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How much is this company asking you to pay them for their help and what guarantee are they offering?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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