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Does The Resolution Law Group Sales Pitch Sound Like Those Mass Joinder Cases That Were Shut Down? – Todd

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

Hello Steve,

I am following up on a recent response to another question…’Should I believe what the Resolution Group is telling me – Larraine

I have also receceived same letter but requested further information from the Resolution Group. Below is an email response from one of the ‘intake specialists’ that works for the resolution group, and I have attached two documents; one of which is the alleged suite they have filed in the State of NY.

Hi again Todd,

The attorney general case I talked about was filed by the AGs from all the states. If you google “$25 Billion Bank Settlement”, you will get tons of information about it. All but one state settled. The banks admitted wrongdoing, etc. It’s good stuff. Looking at our case, we have filed for pretty much the same things alleged in the AGs suits.



Does RLG’s suite sound more legit than the other mass joinder cases that have been shut down in other states; or is their sales pitch and support documentation just better?


Dear Todd,

The case you attached is incomplete. I assume this case was sent to you, attached to the email from the sales representative.

I noticed the case sent to you appears to have not been filed with the court. There is no data stamp on it, no case number, and it is not signed by the attorneys. I was unable to locate any such case filed online.

I would suggest you call your sales representative back and ask them for a court stamped final copy of the lawsuit showing it was actually filed. Until they can do that, all you’ve got here is a 190 page Word document that does not prove anything in my book.

The sales representative appears to ask you to read the attached case and come to some conclusions based on a settlement the Attorney General’s reached. That seems like a ridiculous request since you are not a lawyer not have any expertise in this matter.

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How much is this company asking you to pay them for their help and what guarantee are they offering?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  • these guys want $6000 to sue countrywide . i want to know if they are a scam , i also want to know why the us marshalls the FBI the BBB the town clerk the state tax office won,t help….. if go down and visit them and i find out they are a scam and go down and bust the place up i will get arrested . since when is leagle to rip off the american people . i already got ripped off from a company call 1st premier capital they stole four thousand dollars from me . i am doing every thing in my power not to go to visit these people . i know who they are i know where they live and they have ripped off ten to hundreds of thousands of dollars from a loan modifacation scam. i,m at the end of my rope . any suggestions . at his point i think i want to open a scan and rip off the american people and get rich .. am i looking at it wrong or is that the new american dream ? I am so pissed i can bearly write this……..Jim

    • Maybe you should just start with asking them to show you any similar successful case where consumers have won. Is this a proven strategy or are you investing in something unproven?

      You can always meet with a local real estate attorney and get a second opinion before you invest loads of money.

      • They have 2 cases. The first case is over almost 2 years old now and all those plaintiffs have been paying maint fee’s every month. There is a new case filed in NJ, because the NY case has filled up all the plaintiffs. Its a new lawsuit for the same thing. They have no track record yet. I have not heard of any other cases they have won as a whole, but have heard that individuals are getting settled once in a while.

  • Jay Wilson (Resolution Law Group – Intake Specialist) quoted me a $6000 up front payment spread over 5 months.  The retainer is an additional $400/month until the case is settled.  He stated that the case would most likely be settled in 6-8 months.  When I asked how many successful cases they’ve had, he said none because the first round of cases had just recently been filed.  He kept pushing that since the banking industry settled with the Attorney General, it was a no-brainer that they would settle with home owners.  I don’t see how this can be anything but a scam.  Be careful folks, and post here if anyone achieves any amount of success with the Resolution Law Group, I’d be interested to see if they’re legit, but I seriously doubt it.  If it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is.

  • Hi Steve,
    Below is response to Court Case info.

    The case number is 501015/2012.  Maybe that will clear things up a little bit.  It was filed on May 3 in Kings County.  You should be able to pull that up and get the other information.  If you can’t, let me know and I’ll track it down for you.
    The retainer fee has to be paid.  It’s the only way we can pay for our attorneys to pursue this.  It’s a very expensive form of litigation.  All the fees and monthly service costs you pay come out of the firm’s 30% contingency on the end.  So you do end up netting 70% of all recovery.
    I think not many people will argue the fact that this case will not be settled out.  Since the Attorney Generals from all the states sued for, basically, the same actions, and received a $25 billion settlement, it seems imminent.


    • I went to the NY State Unified Court system at the following link and tried a case search.

      Unfortunately the case number does not specifically match the format “Enter the full index number (eg: CV-000044-06/AU) – use the drop-down lists provided to select a case type (e.g. CV) and the code for the court (e.g. AU)”

      I could not locate the case using 501015/2012

      Did they give you any feedback on their success rate?


    • Hi, thanks for the info and discussion here.
      I recently got a similar letter and was told the same NY website and case number 501015/2012. I was able to hit the link and search for the case, however it sounds too good to be true (red flag). I spoke with Lief Humphries at the firm and got identical information as others on this thread. I’m not law-savvy enough to see through the court filings for what’s really happening, although there are fairly recent filings listed (late Sept).

      Bottom line: How can we determine if this is a:
      1. Full fledged scam (like a fake website with fake info)
      2. Legitimate law firm marketing scheme designed to make the firm money but benefit people like me little or nothing, perhaps a case designed to lose in court while attorneys keep the retainers they collect.
      3. Legitimate case with a favorable chance of winning that could be “profitable” to people like me who pay the retainer fees.

      Any insight would be appreciated!
      Jeremy in PA

  • Hi Steve…thanks for direction.  The Resolution Group is asking for $5,000 retainer, and a monthly (service or maintenance) fee, which they never said what amount the monthly fee was.  Their stick states that if they get the damage settlement requested, the 5K retainer is reduced from the amount the LG keeps.  They are not quaranteeing anything, and their marketing document and response during ‘induction’ is there are no guarantees.  But they position it as an afterthought, and then mention how strong they believe their case is, and that the Banks definitely dont want to go to court, so will most likely settle…..

    • “most likely settle”

      So is it a true statement then that they have not filed an actual case in court or actually received any of these alleged settlements?

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