How Can People Afford the Dentist and Dental Care?

The recent Frontline story on the dental crisis faced in America today is especially timely for me. I just went to the dentist to replace a broken filling and was shocked by the cost of modern dental services.

And the underlying issue is if you don’t invest in getting the work done it can lead to bigger and more expensive dental problems.

For me the modern dental practice is much different than from years ago. I’ve been to several dentists in my area, trying to find the one I love. Despite the search for that comfortable practice, the approach to dental care across local dentists is about the same.

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My dental visits begins with a treatment plan with a financial estimate and an introduction to different financing options at some pretty steep rates.

It seems impossible for people that are struggling in many other ways to even consider paying for a routine dental visit, let alone a crown or comprehensive problem.

Watch Dollars and Dentists on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

It seems daunting to imagine what the solution is for people that need good dental care, not to mention vision care, glasses, and add to needed medical care on top of that.

I understand that many are not in favor of universal healthcare but I’d love to hear comments from others who know of a real solutions to help people get access to needed dental care at affordable costs that those struggling can afford.

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