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Do I Have to Pay Universal Fidelity Collection Agency for an Old Bill? – Alvin

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I received a bill from Universal Fidelity Collection Agency for $4022 on 7/21/12. Fidelity is trying to collect for Aureon Lab services on 7/23/10, 7/23/10, and 9/27/10 just prior to and after to my Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer on 9/1/10. Aureon labs went out of business on 10/12/11. I called my Medical Clinic and they indicated that no claims from Aureon had been submitted through them to Medicare, my primary health insurance provider. I then called Medicare and they indicated that Aueron had not submitted any claims to them. Medicare indicated that any claim has to be submitted one year from the date of service for it to be considered for Medicare for payment. Medicare also indicated that I would only be responsible 20% of the $4022 that Medicare wouldn’t have paid. My supplimental Health Insurance is Tricare for life. I assume that they would have picked up the additional 20% cost.

Do I have to pay any amount of the Fidelity Collection Agency $4022 Bill?


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  • I would hold off and continue to investigate.  There were many bills sent out that same day.  From the cafepharma board website, I have learned that urologists and pathologists were given a statement that no billing would be done to patients and no bill was to go to aureon labs.  I am still checking with Johns Hopkins and hope to get this letter.  My sister who has done company billing thinks that, in Maryland, if no bill is sent in 6 months that you can’t bill.  I don’t know but we never received a bill for work done in 2/12 and neither has anyone else that has posted on line.  Contact your urologist and ask for a copy of the original Aureon billing policy.  I know one person has filed a complaint with the Houston attorney general.

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