Old Texas Debt Lingers and Haunts Me From Bar Kitchen. – Dan

“Dear Steve,

13-14yrs ago I was a dumb kid on probation that thought he had a great oppurtunity here in Bastrop, TX. I sub-leased a kitchen from a bar owner and took on business partners. One of my partners skipped town after stealing the till, leaving me to determine how to keep business running minus the cash. My landlord raises the rent and I walked away without paying my sales tax of $1700. 13+yrs and 3 kids later, I have tried to pay my debts only to find out I owe $30,000+.

Is there a way to get these intrest charges removed? I have no problem paying what I owed, but there is no way I can pay $30k. What can I do to get this blemish off my record?


Dear Dan,

It’s not clear from your question if the debt that you owe is an unsecured debt or a judgment against you. Can you please share some additional details about the debt please.

Oh, and is this against you personally or you as the business?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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2 thoughts on “Old Texas Debt Lingers and Haunts Me From Bar Kitchen. – Dan”

  1. Thank you Steve for your expediant response. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it is a personal debt even though I did do a DBA. Anytime my credit is run, it shows up as a state lien. I.ve tried reasoning with these people that there is no way I can pay this and with their ridiculous interest rates the likelihood of ever paying them off is nothing short of impossible. In the past I shrugged it off like a careless kid, but as a responsible father of four, I want to rid my closet of all skeletons.

    • A lien from the state? Is the lien for payroll taxes or something like that? It doesn’t sound like a lien from the old partner.

      Might be best to get more details on the actual lien before rushing to any judgment or action.


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