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Jennifer Thompson – Consumer Complaint – 7-25-2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I was selling a mattress for 200 dollars. A person named Jennifer Thompson replied saying she is interested.
She said she will send money via Fedex and take care of the shipping and moving charges.

After few days, I got a huge check of 3200 dollars.

I emailed asking why the check is so high and he/she responded saying the overpayment is for shipping and moving charges.

Then he/she gave me a name and address of a person and told me to send 2700 via western union for the shipping fee and told me to keep the rest for the movers and as my item fee.

I did accordingly and emailed him/her the detail of the western union transfer.

After that I contacted emailed asking when the movers are going to pick up my furniture and there was no response.

I went to the bank to only find out that my account has been on hold and i cannot use the care anymore.

I had about 2000 dollars and they had deducted that amount as well for the bad check withdrawal of 3200 dollars. Now i am on a debt of over 1000 dollars to wells fargo bank.

I really wish someone could explain to the bank the situation and atleast have my balance to myself.

Being a foreign student on a visa and having trouble as such is very depressing and stressful. I wish someone couls help me with it.

As of now, I am left with only 200 dollars and i cannot use my bank card.

Hoping to hear from you.

Consumer Action Taken:

There was no way to resolve this issue with the person who sent me the check as he/she doesnt reply my email. I made a stupid mistake by believing him.

Date This Problem Happened: July 18, 2012

State You Live in: Minnesota

Race/Ethnicity: Asian

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2700

Company Name: Jennifer Thompson

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • I’m sorry you were scammed but hearing about these type of scams for quite some time, I’ve always wanted to ask the “scamee”  didn’t the offer sound to good to be true to begin with?  Why did you think someone would pay an extra $3,000 to ship a mattress?

  • The thing to do stay away from the add because ther all lies they only trying to hurt us ther not real were just a fool believing them just look were we at now hurting and they laughing at us because they getting rich with our money that we work so hard to be were we want to be and our law there not doing the best they can to stop them just like Bemjamin and Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism they are the biggest Scammer in the world because they use the disable person to feed there family and to get rich so just watch your self with this company there are scam and scammer

    • Yes, Thanks for the advice,

      I wish the scammers never exist. If only there were ways to stop scammers from taking money from people. Each scammers are going to get their karma back really badly. I hope one day they stop and learn after a hard lesson.

  • Unfortunately this is a common scam. You will be personally responsible for repaying the bank for the bounced check. You will need to make repayment arrangements with the bank.

    • Thank you for ur advice. Is there any way the bank would find out about the bad check?.. I am not employed and still a student and Its not easy to pay back such as  big amount..I have talked to FBI, Police and some other local crime dealing people but they wasnt able to be of a big help

      • The bank would discover it was a bad check but not till it hit the alleged bank it was drawn on and then returned to your bank. The scam takes advantage of your bank issuing you provisional credit and making some amount of the check available for you as a matter of customer service.

        So the missing money is actually part yours from your balance and part credit extended to you by the bank.

        It’s a tough lesson to learn but remember that a deposited item is never guaranteed until it has passed the timeline established by the bank. Out of area deposits sill have 10 or so business days to clear.

        Also, while lessons are being learned, remember that just because something looks like a cashiers check, does not mean the funds are guaranteed. Even money orders can bounce.

        The only guaranteed funds I’m aware of are cash and a wire transfer between banks. Not an ACH transfer.

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