Robby Birnbaum is Everywhere. Board Member of National Association of Responsible Credit Repair Advisors

A reader sent in a tip about an association, National Association of Responsible Credit Repair Advisors (NARCRA). This group says it “is an organization dedicated to improving the reputation and quality of the credit repair industry.” – Source

Ironically the reader didn’t mention anything about Birnbaum being involved. They just wanted to let me know about a new credit repair sheriff.

Interestingly the bio for Birnbaum doesn’t make mention of his role as past president of The Association of Settlement Companies or his current role as president of the American Fair Credit Council. – Source

The NARCRA bio says: “Robby H. Birnbaum was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was admitted to the Florida and Wisconsin Bars in 1999. He is also admitted to the United States District Courts for the Southern District of Florida and Western District of Wisconsin. Mr. Birnbaum is a member of the Broward County, Palm Beach County, Florida, Wisconsin, and American Bar Associations. He is also a member of the Telemarketing, Internet and Privacy Subcommittee that serves the American Resort Development Association. Mr. Birnbaum was a Finalist, selected for the 2006 Up & Comers Award, by The South Florida Business Journal. He focuses extensively on regulatory practices for credit counseling and debt settlement agencies, marketing and advertising regulation, and regulatory compliance.”

Other board members include Mike Citron, Joel Pate, Kristie Howes, Donna Perkins, Jason Kaplan, and Marc Chase.

Howes is listed as the “Vice President, Sales and Business Development for Global Client Solutions.”

It appears there are only two active member of the association at this time and a number of pending members. In fact there are eight cancelled members listed. – Source

The membership list includes Fake Company, Test, Credit Masters of the Galaxy, and my favorite, Credit Servicez.

Here is the complete list:

Credit Restoration Of Washington, Clean Slate Credit Solutions, Gold Key, National Credit Fixers, Santa Barbara Credit Solutions, Advanced Credit Consultants, Trivium Credit Repair, Credit Repair Experts, The Perfect Score, Consumer Credit Alliance, Credit Fix, Credit Disputers, UndisputedCredit, Fair Credit Restoration, Monika Nagy, AAA Credit Repair Service, Credit Solution Group, Credit Institute of America, Qwest Credit Enhancement, Arcredit Services, Safe Credit Solutions, Score Saver Credit Solutions, Allied Credit And Debt Solutions, CreditSuccess, IFS, USCCRA, Ray of Hope Negotiations, Impact Credit, Credit Masters of the Galaxy, The Credit Pros International, Elite Credit, Fake Company, GC National Services, Sky Credit Solutions, Green Tara Ultimate Credit Repair Concierge, Ray Bulaon Law Offices, Cambridge Credit Consultants, Strategic Credit Restoration, National Credit Federation, TRW Credit Services, Credit Check Xpress, Financial Freedom, Aquarian Business Group, Amergis, Infinity Credit Solutions, Wellness Credit, Credit Scoring Advisor, Credit Pro, Certified Credit Consultants, 5 Star Credit, New You Credit Repair, Credit Know How, Legacy Credit Services & Consulting, Blue Water Credit, Illinois Credit Services, Credit Strategies, The Credit Experts, Clear Credit Corp, Skyward Consumer Services, Nationwide Credit Network, Spectrum Resources, Total Credit Care, Monarch Credit Consultants, Global Credit Management, Resolve Enterprise Consultants, Pickett, 1st Washington Burbank, Karen Michaely, Credit Restoration & Management, Max Score Credit, Credit Servicez, Resolution Credit Services, Fortress Credit Pro, CREDITCANBEFIXED.com

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One company on this list that jumped out to me was Sky Credit Solutions. It sounded an awful lot like another company I’ve covered in the past (this one). A search found that Texas reports the credit services organization license for the group has expired. – Source

The address listed comes back to this location.

While I was on the Texas Credit Services Organization search page I took a look for the other listed Texas members of NARCRA.

Credit Check Xpress – Not Apparently Registered
Consumer Credit Alliance – Registered (Expires 11/22/2012)
AAA Credit Repair Service – Not Apparently Registered
Credit Fix – Not Apparently Registered
Sky Credit Solutions – Expired
TRW Credit Services – Not Apparently Registered
Legacy Credit Services & Consulting – Not Apparently Registered
Monarch Credit Consultants – Bond Cancelled, Expired

So sticking with Texas, the state these companies claim to be located in, I did a search of the Secretary of State records to see if they were registered to do business. Here is what the Texas Secretary of State office reports on the following companies.

Credit Check Xpress – Not Registered to Do Business
Consumer Credit Alliance – Not Registered to Do Business
AAA Credit Repair Service – Not Registered to Do Business
Credit Fix – Not Registered to Do Business
Sky Credit Solutions – Not Registered to Do Business
TRW Credit Services – Not Registered to Do Business
Legacy Credit Services & Consulting – Not in Good Standing
Monarch Credit Consultants, Inc – Not in Good Standing, Tax Forfeiture


“NARCRA recognizes that there needs to be a place for consumers to be able to locate credit repair companies they can trust, and a place for credit repair companies that are running respectable, above-the-board businesses to be able to share their services.”

Even the NARCRA contact us page is an embarrassment. No physical location listed.

In case you are interested, the company was incorporated in Florida on November 22, 2011.

But this is not the first incarnation of this company. It was original formed in 2009 and voluntarily disolved in September of 2011. – Source

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The corporation was formed again on November 22, 2011 and the most recent public filing of the company says the following people are officers and directors.

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Michael Citron – President / Director
Jason Kaplan – Vice President / Director
Donna Perkins – Secretary / Director
Joel Pate – Treasurer / Director – Source

In their public filings the organization says it is located at 6619 State Road 54, New Port Richey, Florida 34653.

But Wait, There’s More

I could not help but followup on the NARCRA statement “NARCRA only accepts the best performing and most ethical credit repair advising professionals to be members.” So I took a look at their two active members.

Credit Restoration of Washington – According to the State of Washington Secretary of State there is no company by that name in Washington that is registered to do business.

Clean Slate Credit Solutions is registered to do business in New Jersey. – Source

And thankfully Clean Slate Credit Repair does not charge a fee unless they are successful. They also make it clear they can’t remove accurate but negative information, “Our services can remove negative inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports, including charge offs, bankruptcies, judgments, repo’s, foreclosures, collections accounts, student loans, tax liens, and slow pays.” – Source

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