Harris & Zide – Consumer Complaint – 8-7-2012

Consumer Statement:

I received a letter from a local law firm who bought an old debt of mine. The interesting part of this is that the old debtors actually tried to sue me for the money about 6 or 7 years ago if not more, and the case was dismissed. Therefore I don’t understand how they can say that this money is still owed. The card was Providian, in the amount of about 3k. These guys are suing me for 2664.00. Anyhow, I have the summons now, that was issued 7/12, and I want to rebut, however I’m not sure what to say or how to go about it and time is running out.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have spoken to the law firm, and assured them this was a previous suit, and the case was dismissed but they are asking for proof. I don’t know how to get proof of the case because my ex attorney is a guy called Eric Fagan, who supposedly ended up going to prison. I don’t have a way to access my files with his business.

Date This Problem Happened: July 12, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Harris & Zide

Company Address:

1445 Huntington Drive
Suite 300
South Pasadena, California 91030

Company Telephone Number: 626-799-8444

Website of Company:

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8 thoughts on “Harris & Zide – Consumer Complaint – 8-7-2012”

  1. I have every intention of ignoring it. The only time I ever responded to them was the post-it incident. I don’t believe they acknowledged that–they just continued the letters and calls at irregular intervals. Those intervals have lengthened with time. I’m fine with that. At this rate it’ll be another 5 years until the next one. And by then I may well be relocated or otherwise unreachable.

  2. I just got a letter from Harris & Zide about an offer to clear up an obligation to “Household Bank” in the vicinity of $5K. As far as I can tell Household changed hands several times (somewhere after the late 90s when I ran into a very bad time of my life) until it was ultimately absorbed by my current bank (which has no issue with me creditwise–my needs are modest these days).

    Seeing as this is roughly 23 years since the initial incident I see no need to go forward with contacting them since the statute of limitations is 4 years and this time period is 6 times that.

    This is the first letter I’ve received from them in a number of years. We occasionally get phone calls on our house line from their number–but all noncontacts are blocked.

    Oh I should mention that their first attempt at reaching me was a post-it with my name and their number and address (Ithink–it’s been nearly 10 years since they started in with me).

    After all this time I don’t know whter I should be perturbed or amused.


    • A great example of a zombie debt that tries to come back to life again. I would ignore it given your statement of facts but keep an eye on it in case it escalates. You may still be sued over debt outside of the Statute of Limitations. Right now, you have to raise that as a defense if sued.

      I see no advantage in contacting them at this time.

  3. I hate harris and zide ! I lost my marriage and job around 2004 and literally lost everything and had to start all over ! I had been getting fake court documents ( with no seal or date to attend ) and assumed it was a scam ! I researched old debt and learned about statute of limitations ! I even tried to find the information through Santa Clara’s court with the number peovidef and saw no judgement against me !
    Now I am being forced to file bankruptcy because they started attaching my wages 25% of my pay ! No way I can live off that ! The original amount was 900 and I was talking to Washington mutual regarding the issue ( they are no longer in business ) It took me 10 years to build back my credit from this life catastrophe but I did it by myself !
    Thank you Harris and zide for ruining my life all over again !
    I hope you burn in hell !

    • Hi Angela, my name is Kevin I am sooo sorry what you went through… I’m having the same issues with Harris and zide!! They went on and put a lien on my home $19500 I don’t even know where to begin to tell you what a horrible nightmare of a experience this is… 818-292-0395

  4. I think this is two different accounts. The Harris & Zide letter says they have a judgment.They are required to provide a copy to you upon your request. Also, although Cap One did get some Providian accounts many years back, it seems from looking at both docs that the lawsuit is by Cap One and the Zide letter is in reference to Palisades/Providian. You said you called the law firm, but which one? Both matters warrant further investigation and I would be happy to assist. Our office regularly opposes both firms and know them well. Call me at 909-581-7354 if you would like to discuss in greater detail.

  5. What is interesting is that the law firm that is claiming to collect on the judgment is different than the name of the firm that filed the suit, Bleier & Cox.

    Find the status of the previous case should be as easy as calling the court the case was filed in and getting copies of the case records. 


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