How Can I Consolidate My Credit Cards and Get My UK Credit Report From the USA? – Jay

“Dear Jon,

I am right now in usa for the last 3 years. Have several Credit Cards in UK. From Barclaycard to MBNA. Have never missed a payment. Need to take all high interest credit cards & transfer to a lower rate card. Please advise. Also need to get a copy of my UK credit report on line.

What are the besy way of doing all this from usa



As for to transfer high interest rate cards to lower ones, you first need to seek out the lower rate cards, and see if you even qualify for them. If I was in your position, I would first inquire with the banks that you have the cards with now as to if they can offer any rate reductions, even if for a short period of time.

Why are you looking to reduce the interest rates and transfer the balances, besides the obvious? Can you afford to pay more than the minimum due at this time?

What are the rates and balances on the accounts?

You need to be careful shopping around as you do not want to be applying all around for credit cards as it creates inquiries or footprints on your credit file, which can hurt your credit score. That is why inquiring with the banks you are with may be a good start.

Even if you get lower rates, if you just continue to pay the minimum due, you still will not get out of debt in a hurry. You need to be able to pay more than the minimum and review how the bank or lender applies that extra amount you pay. Many banks have an order of how your payment is applied.

Regarding getting a copy of your credit history in the UK, you can visit the web sites for and

One thing you can do if you are now living and working in the U.S. is to apply for an unsecured debt consolidation loan from a place like Lending Club and use those funds to pay off your UK credit cards.

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You may need a UK address to get the report.

I hope this helps.



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