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I’ve Been on Social Security Disability for a Social Anxiety Disorder. – Robert

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I have been on SS disability due to socaila anxiety disorder since 2008. Before and since my disability I have traded/invested in the stock market mostly losing money. But lately I have been making money on one particualr investment. I bought 2 million shares of a sub-penny stock and it’s doing very well. Some think it could go to 25 cents to a dollar a share over the next few years. It’s about a penny and a half now. If it does hit$0.25 per share or higher I will make a substantial amount of money for which I will have to pay hefy Federal and state taxes on, I’m fine with that.

But am concerned if I make several hundred thousand dollars or more after taxes my SS disability will be cut off. Will it be cut off?

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  • Seems like you should get some advice as you will want to maintain the benefit as the money you get from the investment will not last a lifetime.

  • SSI is income contingent,  Social security disability is different.  Either way, Social security would have to be informed of the income and what it is from.  I would personally try to get legal advice from legal aid and find out if that is considered earned income because I wouldn’t consider that you are doing a job by trading online,  but it is safer to report it. 
    You will have to pay taxes on any money you recieve so Social Security will know about it anyway. 

  • Robert,

    it would appear that a windfall would put you over the normal $2,000 resource limit for SSI eligibility. There are exceptions and limits as described at

    if you have serious doubts, don’t hesitate to ask the SSA. It is better to ask than make a serious mistake.

    Good Luck!

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