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How Can I Stop the Rent to Own Furniture Company From Calling My References? – Sue

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rental company (funiture)

do continue to pay the company, if they turn the acct. over to collection, before the bill was 30days behind. in-fact bill in the contract the bill is due on the 1st, but we were to have a veral contract that is due on the 3rd. before the midddle of the month the bill went to collection. what do i do, who do i pay? also what can i do to STOP these people from calling my referrences?

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  • I agree,You should be able to return the furniture and cancel the contract. Once that is done they have no reason to call your referrences. I wish the best in solving your issue..

  • Sorry for your problem. The best way to solve the rent to own problem is to return the furniture and cancel the agreement. So long as they have an agreement in force they have rights that you will likely find annoying. Remember the old (but true) joke that verbal contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. They can demand timely payment.

    Your contract should permit cancellation with notice and return of the items and I strongly recommend that you do so. Look for used furniture at your local Goodwill or ReStore to tide you over. In the long run that will also cost you much less.

    Good Luck!

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