Reader Sends in Deceptive Debt Relief Official Looking Mailer That Leads to World Law Group

Apparently the use of deceptive marketing mailers is still ongoing. A reader just sent in a copy of a mailer they received recently that appears to be an official government looking document promising some sort of official government debt relief.

The reader also said, the mailer does not identify the company.

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Notice it has a government seal in the upper left, the reader said. They also wanted you to notice the mailer claims there are no 3rd party fees, promises a 67% reduction in debt, says credit is restored, states there is an immediate reduction of payment, and stops collector calls.

At the bottom of the inside page it says: “Failure to respond may affect your legal rights.” Nice touch.

I called the number in the mailer as was told it was the “Hardship Assistance Center” and their headquarters was located in California but they had office all over the United States. They said I would be working with World Law Group and directed me to WorldLawDirect.com for more information.

And what do you know, according to the California Secretary of State there is no company licensed to do business in California as Hardship Assistance Center.

Feel free to call 866-885-3750 and quiz them yourself.

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