A Man With a Heavy Accent Says if I Don’t Make a Payment on a Prepaid Card I Will be Arrested. – Kimberly

I have been geeting a call from a man with a heavy acients saying that if i do not give them 700 on a prepaid card they will arrest me and put me in jail. what should I do they sounds very confident and it has scared me

what should I do help


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9 thoughts on “A Man With a Heavy Accent Says if I Don’t Make a Payment on a Prepaid Card I Will be Arrested. – Kimberly”

  1. Debt collectors are not allowed to threaten you. You need to get a bankruptcy attorney. Your attorney will send his company a letter explaining that they will be prosecuted if they continue to contact you. Good luck.

  2. I could be very wrong about this, BUT I think you should start out by getting as much information from them as possible. Ask them what company/business they work for, why you are being charged $700. How did they get your information? Find out what their name, address and phone number is. Questions like this may lead to why they are calling you and charging you and threatening you. Then you need to do as much research as possible. Once you have all the information, if you think it is a scam or if you have NO idea what they are talking about, go to the police and find out the next step to protect yourself from theft/arrest.

  3. The credit card companies write off the debts and sell them to other companies who then try to collect on them. Sounds like this guy is in another country working for the collection. If you can get an address you can send a cease and desist letter. Unless they deliver a judgement against you, there is nothing they can do. I would not bother to talk to them. If you have caller ID, just don’t answer the calls, or answer and say, that “she is not at home”. Don’t talk to these people. It is their job to intimidate you.They get a commisiion if they collect from you. what a way to earn a living…..

  4. I agree with the other two posters.  Having such a call would scare me too, but don’t allow being scared to cause you to make an emotional response to the situation that you might later regret.  You cannot be thrown in jail.  If he calls again, try to stand up for your rights and I would ask him not to call again.  

  5. I agree w/Montique47150, but would add, that its obvious you feel threatened, so go to the Police, make sure you get your phone company records (showing the calls), and any other information you could use to get these people. Also contact your phone company so they are aware of this, & finally contact your creditors (banks, etc) & let them know this is going on so they can be aware that you are being proactive if anything does happen w/your accounts you can prove that you tried to give them a heads up. Good luck!

  6. This is illegal!  Take a deep breath….there is no such thing as debtors prison anymore!   You can not be put in jail for not paying a bill.  It is illegal for any bill collector to threaten you with jail.   You can tell them I don’t know what this alleged debt is or why you are calling me,  but this is illegal that you are threatening me.  This gives you back the power,  they know that you know they cannot scare you and that it is illegal.  If they call after that report them. 
    I have personally done this and they never called back.
    Good luck,  and don’t let them scare you and don’t give them what they asked for.
    You can look this info. up online and find out your rights and what is illegal for creditors to do and the debt collectors that buy up old debts and try to collect on them.


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