Debt Validation of America, The Firm, Kurt K. Mohnsam Won’t Give Us Our Money Back

“Dear Steve,

Your forum has given me so much information. I have been battling these people for a long time. I am another victim of these companies that promise to help you manage your debt. We have settled the debts, not them. They only settled 1 out of 9. They will not give us our settlement money that is ours. They sent us a letter telling us we are no longer their clients. They gave us a bogus phone number and email address that no one responds to. I have sent certified letters to all parties involved, asking for our money. Brian Perry, the manager at The Firm, directed his staff to hang up on us. This is horrible. They have over 5 thousand dollars of ours and refuse to speak to us. I have notified the FTC, the BBB, everyone I can think of to help us. Your information has been so helpful. Bless you for the work that you do for us consumers who are being preyed on by fraudulant companies that are out to steal from us. I’ll keep you posted on any proceedings that may take place. Do you think I would have a chance in Suing them?”

It sounds like you have made many attempts to reach them and discuss your situation. I would suggest at this point you review my guide How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company and follow any steps you have not followed yet.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Debt Validation of America, The Firm, Kurt K. Mohnsam Won’t Give Us Our Money Back”

  1. Yep. And now I just got a notice today that DVA has filed for bankruptcy and if I don’t sign a new contract with The Firm, I loose all of my money. Oh, I they want me to pay them more even though I finished paying them over a year ago for NOTHING! I have filed a complaint with the BBB. Will complain to everyone I can until I get my money back and settle my own debt!

  2. I have been with DVA since 2009, They have not help solve any of my debt problem, I have over $7,000 in my Escrow account but when I asked for it they will not reply back. The lawyer fee was $8,000 and they took about $7,000 for legal fees. When I tried to call DVA no answer. The Firm claim that they only number they have. But DVA was change to The firm and when I request for cancellation from both company no one reply back to me. And when I wrote something on BBB the firm claim that they will sue me for the imformation i wrote. No one will answer my e-mail or phone calls from DVA or The firm since then. Can you please help me. Thanks

    • You and I are going through the same thing. Kurt is suing me and I am suing him. I hired a lawyer in KY named Sherman Riggs who helps consumers with cases like this. Contact the attorney generals office immediately. File your complaint. If every client of theirs that has been wronged in some way files, the attorney general will have to take action. I can only pray more of us would do that.

      • Thanks, I just feel that it is so wrong to pay a company for 30 months and they did nothing. Now I got to go to court to try settle a case that I paid them to do. I spent over $16,000.00 and they did nothing. They are not even willing to give me the money in my Escrow Account in which the money in Escrow was to pay my creditors. They will not speak to me at all anymore since I asked to cancell my contract. But the only reason I decided to do that was because when one of my creditor wanted to settle. They claimed I had to pay them myself. But I thought the money in my escrow account was for that. And on top of that they said not to pay the creditor yet and to wait until they reduce the price so more. Do i have to file a complaint in the state of Texas in which I live? Please help me.


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