National Bankcard Monitor Gets Their Own Name Wrong and Makes My Watch List

Seriously, when a company can’t even get their own name right on their website, what kind of message does that send to consumers?

I was checking out a site for National Bankcard Monitor at and noticed the name at the top of the site didn’t match the name they use.

The proper name should be National Bankcard Monitor but the site says National Bank Monitor.

Based on their about us page I have no clue what the company actually offers.

Recently, we launched a product that is a first in the industry, designed specifically for clients who carry debt in many different product vehicles, but more importantly, a product that is actually good for the consumer who has reasonably good credit.

In today’s market place, most products that help a client reduce their debts are designed to help, but often come with the penalty of damaged credit histories. Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement and Debt Management programs will all negatively impact a consumer’s credit. But for the consumer who is falling behind or can’t make their current payments, these products are a reasonable solution. – Source

Quite frankly, after spending a considerable amount of time reviewing their site it doesn’t make any sense or really say anything at all. I have no clue what benefit their “The Road To Financial Freedom” software would give anyone for $1,499 that they can’t get themselves from many other sources for free.

National Bankcard Monitor says they are located at:

National Bankcard Monitor
835 W. Warner Road STE 101-454
Gilbert, AZ 85233 – Source

This appears to be a mail drop address.

Public records say the company is actually located at 500 W. Southern Street, Suite 16, Mesa, Arizona. 1900 S. Valley Drive, Apache Junction, Arizona 85120. The company was registered to do business in Arizona on 3-12-2010 and the manager is Gino Niccoli and Terry Duff.

The company website says the founder is Gino Niccoli and was started in 2009.

The only reason this site hit my radar was because of the rash of recent consumer complaints.

Someone named Lydia Clarke called me from this company. She gave me an agent number and told me she needed to verify that I still owed this debt. I gave her my credit card information and the last four of my social. My credit card debt was high and she went to get a manager. The manager wanted me to give him a third credit card number that wouldn’t have such a high balance. At that moment I realize that this is a scam. I ran and close both credit cards right away. I am going to be checking my three credit reports. – Source

This is a scam and the caller was very arrogant and told me he did not have a name, he was calling from God. They keep calling my house and I asked that my phone number be removed once again, and he continued this God talk. Than hung up. – Source

This company contacted me by telephone and offered to lower the interest rates on all my outstanding loan balances to 3.6%. As I am on Social Security, I allowed them to put $1,199.00 on one of my existing credit cards. I was informed that they would begin the process as soon as I returned completed paperwork, and they said that if they could not save me at least $5,000, they would refund the charge. I returned the paperwork and received a WRITTEN GUARANTEE that stated: “We guarantee your custom program will save you money and we offer a 14 day, 100% money back guarantee that only requires you fill out your paperwork and get it back to our office, signed and dated. If, after reviewing your paperwork and/or attempting to transfer your balances, we are unable to save you money, we will refund your purchase, in full, within 14 days.”

I did what they required, my balance transfer was rejected, and now, over a month later, I have not received a refund. I call them daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, and they do not return my calls. *Please* don’t do business with these people!! – Source


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Update 10-11-2012

Received the following email with an update to this post.

While I can appreciate you using our company information to help your marketing efforts for your own products and services, it is sneaky stuff I have dealt with for years.

You are bordering a very precarious line, but you’re free to walk it. However, your information is a bunch of half truths. If you check your website browser, by hitting F5 on your keyboard when you visit our site, you’ll see the grammatical error you claim has been fixed and was fixed over a year ago.

Additionally, Terry Duff is not a Member and has not been a member for over a year and the docs you show are outdated.

This combined with the complaints you site, are misleading.

I will expect you correct the errors of your claims.

If you continue to imply we’re doing something wrong, I will refer you to our legal counsel. If you would like to know more about what we do, feel free to call me personally.

Gino Niccoli

Btw, my name Gino Niccoli, is trademarked and if you continue to use it in your marketing efforts, I will take legal recourse.

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  1. According to the BBB National Bank Card Monitor has been dissolved as of February and is out of business. The website is no longer active.

    • Well that was what they claimed – out of business! Look up the BBB site now, Gino just caught a case from the Arizona Attorney General. It’s about time! He’s an arrogant, slimy idiot.


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