I Moved Back to the UK From Greece and Have All Sorts of Debt. – Julie

“Dear Jon,

I left the UK to live in Greece in Oct 2008 during a severe mid life crisis. I left existing debt of around £20k and used credit cards whilst in Greece to the tune of around £10/15k. I previously had an unblemished credit history for about 20 years.

I returned to the UK due to Greece’s financial meltdown in April 2011 and live in privately rented accomodation with my family supported by benefits. I made an attempt to open a bank account earlier this year and was told ok then can’t be done check your credit file. I believe I may have a fraud warning on there and have lived in fear ever since of being arrested and jailed for fraud.

I now wish to apply for a job in Social Care which will require a CRB check and am worried this could also have serious repercussions.

Can you advise?

Could a CRB check lead to being arrested for fraud due to unpaid credit card debt?



Fraud can be a criminal matter, but what is it that you feel has caused a fraud warning to be issued on your credit file??

Is there something you are not disclosing?

Have you reviewed your credit file? If not, I would suggest you view it.

Without knowing more details, and seeing your credit history, I really cannot say what has occurred or may be going on. For all I know someone may have used your identity to obtain credit, unbeknownst to you and this is why the warning is there.

It could also be you were abroad and using credit with no means to repay it?

Just because a fraud warning may be on your credit file, does not mean it will cause a flag on a CRB check.

CRB checks are just for criminal activity, and being in debt or having unpaid debts, is not a concern or issue with a CRB check.

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If you had criminal activity noted or logged against you, it may have very well caused you to not be eligible for some benefits, so the fact you receive some benefits causes me to wonder even more.

Get a copy of your credit history, inquire at the local court where you had lived, and get back to me.

Let’s look more at this and we can discuss it privately if you wish.



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