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Money Gaga – Consumer Complaint – 9-24-2012

Consumer Statement:

dear sirs money gaga taken three lots of £23.14 out my account nio pay day loan no reply to emails re refund and money direct took two £49.99 no loan ask for refund again no reply like to report scam and want action taken against them

Consumer Action Taken:

ask for refund cost me a fortune calls emailsw keep loans want my cash fees return to my account

Date This Problem Happened: September 21, 2012

State You Live in: Aberdeenshire UK

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: £171.40

Company Name: Money Gaga

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • I got through to them with that number and they said they will refund the £34into my account within 30days I said that I will contact my solicitor and ring the police to

  • I’ve just had £34 taking from my account I got the number its 08430209087 I’m ringing them tomorrow to get it back they have stolen from me and it’s theft and what they are doing is fraud aswell

  • Ive spoken to someone today and they said i will get refunded within 30 days has anyone else had their money back and how long did you have to wait.

  • this happened to me aswell , thankfully I have managed to get back my refund according to my bank the 34£ will be debited back into my account im to monitor my account to see when its went in 08430209087 is moneygaas phone number , tell them u have opened a fraud investigation with ur bank n the police , theyl tell u to phone ur bank , phone ur bank and they will tell u theyv gotten in contact with moneygaga and have gotten ur refund back but they cant give a time or date of when the refund will be in ur account but they will get it back for u

    • and there it is.

      We charge a fee up to £34.16 for providing the service of acting as a finance broker. By proceeding with your application you are agreeing to pay our processing fee. We specify the fee as part of our communications with You. If You do not enter into a loan offered by a lender or financier within the 3 months We act for You, We will refund your full administration fee minus £5 as stated in the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Refunds must be requested in writing at [email protected] to avoid repayments being sent to a wrong address. In the event that your card is declined, we will attempt take payment on that same card as many times as we desire for up to and including 60 days after you made your application. If you wish us to stop trying your card please inform us by post or email.

  • Just had £34 taken from my bank account by moneygaga. Any advise on how to retrieve ?
    Call Mr Steven Gustar on 07983634295

  • they have taken money out of my account! when i have not asked them to, how do i get it back ? they wont reply to me

  • Hi I haf 34.95 taken from my account from moneygaga over a week and half ago I got tho to sum one n they said they wud refund my money and everytime I try to ring um they dont answer I would like them to refund me my money what actions should I take

  • I have just gotten through to moneygaga using this number 08430209087 and they said they was going to email the refund form to my email and it takes 30days to get ur money back once u email the form back to them.

  • i have tried contacting them by email and phone no reply have reported them to trading standards and the police have a crime ref number hopefully action will be taken

  • Got £34.16 taken from my NatWest bank account on the 16th April 2013, this made my account go overdrwan and also stopped another bill from being paid, I will now face bank charges for the overdraft and for the bill not being paid due to no money left in my account becuase have stolen the moeny without my consent from my account. I do not even know what this company offers!, but somehow along my internet surfing have been duped into this what appears to be a scam to take money from peoples accounts.

    I can not just afford to give what little money I have away and definitely can not afford to have it stolen out of my account.

    16APR13 , MONEYGAGA.CO.UK , 0161 8149850 GB


    • It has happened to me today £34.16 the numberi have been given is 08430209087 been trying for 20mins no one answeing but i wont give up x

  • Same problem as below, input details into their website, charged £34.16. I didn’t take a loan from any of their suggested providers, I was more curious than anything but still money was debited. They claim to operate as a broker and therefore take a fee for what amounts to a Google search. There is no phone number on their website (I sent an email to their customer services team but am not holding my breath). I used the number provided by Stacey below. I had to be transferred 3 or 4 times (and refused each time the offer of a call back) and eventually spoke to Edward, the company director. He sounded like he had heard this all before but to be fair to him was pleasant and helpful. He stated that as long as a membership fee cancellation (which is what you are doing when you input details – becoming a member) is received – in writing – whithin 14 days a full refund will be given. There is, apparently, no admin fee. I have just posted the letter to MoneyGaGa, St James Court, 30 Brown St, Manchester, M2 1DH. Refund hits your a/c 3 days after they get the letter. I will come back here and update if/when i receive a refund.

  • i have been tricked into paying these cowboys £34 i cant not find a phone number for these jokers 08/04/13 – i need this money back asap i can not find a phone number i need this money back

    can someone please help me

  • Dear Money Gaga,

    My name is Ruth Nannyanzi,

    On the 20/09/2012; you did withdraw
    my money from my account. The account is
    60913878 respectively. The amount you
    withdrew was £23.14. In addition on the
    26/11/2012 you withdrew £23.14. Furthermore
    on the 01/11/2012 you withdrew money £23.14.
    Those three times went one and on you did not bother even to write to me
    and tell me what was next.

    For that reason, as many of the
    Brokers have done the same, I have closed my account.

    I am disable person; my income is
    £142.00 per two weeks. I am frightened
    to go hungry, and sleeping in the cold as it is now. Other broker like you did the same thing
    withdrew £69.5, The Loans Express. Many
    of you left me with nothing to buy food. The Loans Express also withdrew
    £69.50. Was left with £3.50 to buy food,
    pay for my Utility bills.

    Please, can you refund me the
    money now, because I am in cold room/one room studio with no heating? I do suffer from Arthritis and Back/Spine disability. I need the money now. Please if you can be so
    kind to do so for me so I can buy food and pay off my utility bills. I have been given food by the London Homeless
    office Marylebone, plus £10.00 for my electricity to cook food.

    Let’s forget that I have asked
    for that money. I was looking forward to
    bring my mother for treatment here in London.
    This was very short time for her to live. She died on the 22/10/12. So I do not need the loans I was asking for.

    I am looking forward to see that
    you can send me a cheque of that amounts of £69.42 to my home address: 163
    AGLOUCESTER TERRACE, LONDON, W2 6DX. You can contact me on my mobile number:
    07507601781 before the delivery so I can stay home and receive my cheque.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New
    Year to you all!!

    May Heavenly Father forgive us
    all our sins, and give us Wisdom, Knowledge and Prosperity.

    Yours sincerely

    Ruth Nannyanzi

  • call eqi independent limited on 01925751501 seems they are money gaga and moneygroup. you prob wont get anywhere with them like but worth a try and if anything this company will know everyone is on to them and are unhappy- i got ripped off too and have never given my details to them and they dont respond to emails either and there isnt a phone number on their website. i’ve been in touch with trading standard and my bank re this so called company and as my name suggests i wont let it go. dont care if they only took £23.14 out that money i worked damned hard for my money and i’m damed if they are getting away with this practice, they prob rely on people giving up because it’s a “small” amount, but if they do this to 1000 people they are raking it in – get onto them people and report them to trading standards the more people that do the better for us all – maybe see if the press or watchdog can investigate.

  • I have had the same problem with this company – I started what seemed like an innocuous loan enquiry and had £23.14 debited from my account for the pleasure of inputting my details. I managed to get my bank (Barclays) to block any further payment to them and was also informed that within UK credit law they are legally obliged to refund the £23.14 if you cancel your membership with them within 14 days, minus a £5 admin fee (presumably a charge for the pleasure of getting ripped off)
    Moneygaga is a trading name of EQI Independent Ltd and also trades as My Money Group.Here’s a link to data about this company – can call Moneygaga on 0800 6906856 (the telephone number they don’t put on their website!) where you can talk to a rather sheepish-sounding woman who will assure you that you will get a full refund of the £23.14 they debited from your bank account and that your emails will be acknowledged. I got the distinct impression during my conversation with said woman 15mins ago that they are receiving a vast number of complaints and are well out of their depth.Hope the above helps!

  • im having the same problem with them too, only made an online enquirt of a payday loan, i never signed anything or agrred to them acting on my behalf and never took any payday loans, on checking my bank account i found moneygaga had taken money from my account, the bank couldnt do anything and said i had to contact them direct, i write to money gaga via recorded delivery and also emailed them saying whatever i had done online was a mistake and i was well within my 14 days to cancel and wanted a full refund of the money they have taken, they emailed back saying as i had clicked that i had read the terms and conditions then they were within their rights to take money from me but that i had the right to cancel and they would give me a refund but keep £5 mandatory? they then asked again if i wanted to cancel(even though i had already done this via email and letter) and they said i had to send them my bank account information to verify who i was to get a refund?? there is absolutely NO way i am ever givin out my bank details online again, and they already have my bank details to take the money out in the first place!, i never send them this information and have since emailed them 3 times stating that i am within my time limit and rights to cancel and want my money returned to my bank account, THEY HAVE TOTALLY IGNORED ME TO DATE, it has been 2 weeks since i cancelled surely they must return it asap???

    • I have just discovered that they have taken 23.14 out of my bank account, I will get in touch with my bank in the morning to get then to block any further payments to them, you must have either given them your bank account details on the application form or maybe given them your card details. if not you may have been diverted to their site through another in whcih you entered your details, this is what I think happened to me. I won’t be doing this again in a hurry. Good Luck

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