Meracord / 1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 9-27-2012

Consumer Statement:

On August 29th 2012 I received a call for a guy who just started talking. He didn’t identify himself or his comany.

I found out he was with Meracord and he wanted to to a modification loan on our existing loan we have with Chase.

We are late and behind with payments and are trying to fix it. Since May I have been in and out of the hospital and each time I went to the Dr I was admitted to the hospital and had unexpected surgery. I thought this guy was with Chase because I was looking for them to call at some time so I thought this call was from Chase so I talked to him and worse yet gave him checking account numbers.

Never in my life have I ever done that. I was in a hurrry and on my way to the Dr and feeling just as bad as I possibly could. So when he called I automatically thought it was Chase. I left went to the Dr and on the way I thought that was not Chase they wouldn’t call for numbers they already have.

I knew then I was in trouble. I called the bank they(1st United Consultants”) had already taken $1234.00 out of our account. My heart sank. What was I going to do??? WE have a grown daughter that is sick. She lives with us and we pay her medical expenses and that money was needed to pay her mediceine this month. We don’t know what we are going to do.

This man I spoke to today “Carlos” wouuldn’t give me his last name and is suppose to be to the owner of the company said our contract was canceled but the contract would be looked at to consider the status of the money!

They stole our money!!!! and if they give it back,part of it, some of it who knows 30 days would be the soonest.

I have called Chase who says they’ve had no coorespondence with Meraord, no money nothing. I called my bank and they put a stop payment on this company not being able to get any money from our account if only it works. We bank with Wells Fargo. They sent us a cust omer Account Services Agreement that is 3 pages long that they went over with my daughter because I had to leave.following that was an agreement from 1st United Consults Client Service Agreement. Our names are written on the line like had we signed and agreeed to what ever was said. It says we can get out of the contract but with tons of “buts” and threats on tops of threats concerning the money.

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The agreement is poor in the copy in every paragraph there are sentences that are missing therefore it cannot be read. So we don’t know what we’ve said or what they say we have said. When speaking to our bank they advised me to report this to the Police station and the FBI. Is this what people do?

Should I send a copy of the note I sent to “Carlos” to the police station in Tacoma and also to the FBI? I feel like i have been more than scammed. I cannot believe that my fellow man would lie to someone they don’t even know and take money out o f their banks having no idea what that money might be for and in our case medicene. Thats like food. I am certain Mr Carlos is medicated, his stomach is full and that of his children. But one day is coming and just like me I”’ pay for all of the wrong things I’ve done I just pray i never take money from anyone but especially someone that is sick.

Consumer Action Taken:

I called several times and demanded to speak to the manager, the had person, the owner. At first I spoke very nicely but when they were not nice to me at all I spoke up myself and demanded answers. ˙However they he made no promises of returning to us our money only that he had cancelled our contract. I explained to him the dsperate need for the 1234.00 for our daughters mediceine but it didn’t seem to affect him either way. I begged and pleaded with this man but he had other people waiting on other lines therefore he had to go to speak to them and had no more time for me! And this is a quote.
Below an adress is asked for but I only have a web site,phone#’s,fax# &e-mail for 1st United Consultants ph 855-486-4831 fax,800754-6602 below is Meracord. Did we pay a fee NO thay took out this amount out of our account.
Someone please help us.7

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Date This Problem Happened: August 29, 2012

State You Live in: Alabama

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

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Company Name: Meracord – 1st United Consultants

Company Address:

POB 2236
Tacoma, Washington 98401

Company Telephone Number: 800-535-9192

Website of Company: 1unite.com

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