1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – July 30, 2014

Consumer Statement: In July 2012, I contacted 1st United Consultants to help me consolidate my debt. I spoke with Oryan Bitton in the client Care Department on several times as I attempted to establish an account and pay the fees required to get the process moving along. They required a copy of a voided check, … Read more

1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – December 27, 2012

Consumer Statement: I was promised by 1st United Consultants that they would negotiate with OCWEN to reduce my mortgage via the Obama Home Afordability Program. I paid to them a total of $6,787.81 in increments of $1687.27 for 4 months supposedly to show I can make these payments on a new payment scheme to my … Read more

1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – November 14, 2012

Consumer Statement: I was contacted by Justin Rosen at 1st United consultants. They took the payments by auto-draft from our bank. We paid August and September payments but the October payment has not been drafted yet. It is about time for the November payments to be taken out. I am not sure if I need … Read more

1st United Consultants / Lee Arthur – Consumer Complaint – November 12, 2012

Consumer Statement: I was contacted 9/12/12 from 1st United Consultant about lowering my mortgage payment. There was more conversation during that time I believe his name was Steve said let me check and see if we handle yor mortgage company, and then put me on hold. He came back and good news we do and … Read more

1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 10-17-2012

Consumer Statement: right now i am terrified that i am going to lose my home because of the 1st united scam,,i don’t know what i am going to do. the company is 1st unite consultant clinet services- Toney Yoo phone number is 1855-486-4831 ex 1021-1024 Justin Rosen is the other guy I spoke to—fax numbers … Read more

1st United Consultants / Jesse Wiseman – Consumer Complaint – 10-16-2012

Consumer Statement: Terrible – now am behind 3 months in my mortgage payments. Consumer Action Taken: I have given up calling since at first the phone rang busy and now it goes to some other business advertisement. Date This Problem Happened: 855-486-4831 State You Live in: California Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 66+ Total Amount of … Read more

1st United Consultants / Saeid Safarmehdi – Consumer Complaint – 10-4-2012

Consumer Statement: 9/25/12 was contacted by Debt Relief Center.org 1-866-584-0769 and Economics Relief Center 971-220-1942 spoke with Deborah Jones who called at 9/25/12 2:30pm was to forward me to help with modification on mortgage. they told me someone would call me in 48hrs to confirm info given banking info. no one ever called back and … Read more

Meracord / 1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 9-27-2012

Consumer Statement: On August 29th 2012 I received a call for a guy who just started talking. He didn’t identify himself or his comany. I found out he was with Meracord and he wanted to to a modification loan on our existing loan we have with Chase. We are late and behind with payments and … Read more

Feel Like Being a Detective? What Can You Find About 1st United Consultants?

A consumer just posted a complaint about a debt relief company called 1st United Consultants. You can read it here. In reviewing the website of this company it appears entirely mysterious what they are claiming to offer. They say a lot of things and nothing at all, all at the same time. Reads like doublespeak … Read more

1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 4-4-2012

Date This Problem Happened: March 27, 2012 State You Live in: Illinois Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,687.94 Company Name: 1st United Consultants Company Address: Company Telephone Number: 855-426-4294 Website of Company: 1unite.com Consumer Statement: March 27th 2012., I was contacted by: 1st United Consultants claiming that I had been … Read more

1st United Consultants – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

Please share your experience with this debt relief company and provide your review and feedback, in the comments section below. The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with this debt relief company. Here are … Read more