Is Fulcrum360 Going to Start Offering Loan Modification Services Like Modify Utah?

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me an email and asked me to look at Fulcrum360 and said it was the new mortgage modification company with Paxton Guymon as registered agent. Guymon was also the registered agent of Modify Utah which suddenly closed up doors and left people stranded. – Source

According to State of Utah Records the parties related to Fulcrum360 are:

Member: HIRED GUNS MEDIA & MARKETING, LLC, 2964 S HUDSON CR, Salt Lake City UT 84106

Registered Agent: PAXTON R GUYMON, 165 REGENT ST, Salt Lake City UT 84111 – Source

The member of Hired Guns Media & Marketing, LLC is Robyn Burkinshaw. – Source

According to State of Utah records, Fulcrum360 is located at 165 Regent Street, Salt lake City, Utah 84111 and that is the registered agent, Paxton Guymon. It is the address of Miller Guymon, P.C. – Source

As an attorney it is not unusual for an attorney to be the registered agent of a number of companies. According to State records, Guymon certainly is. – Source

But what intrigued me about this tip was not Paxton Guymon but the help wanted ad for Fulcrum360 which was formed on 8-24-2012.

Job Description

BASE + COMMISSION!! HIGH VOLUME, foreclosure defense legal support company seeking motivated, talented sales people with call floor environment experience. This is a growing industry, with opportunity to make great money and advance quickly. Send resume for immediate consideration.

Sales experience a must. Reliable, ethical and highly MOTIVATED TO EARN. – Source

Like Modify Utah, this new company Fulcrum360 seems to be pitching a similar foreclosure defense solution and looking for sales people who are motivated to earn. The company also says it is located in Midvale, Utah rathering than neighboring Salt Lake City.

If anyone knows more about Fulcrum360 and the services they offer, please feel free to post a comment below.


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6 thoughts on “Is Fulcrum360 Going to Start Offering Loan Modification Services Like Modify Utah?”

  1. J Robyn Burkinshaw, Jennifer Robyn Burkinshaw, Robyn Burkinshaw continues her latest scam under the name DarkHorse Holdings, LLC. Alex B Leeman Attorney and city council member in Farmington, Utah, is her partner in crime. He assists her in getting investors for her companies, or helps her “sell” the companies to an investor and then defends her in the lawsuits that arise when she refuses to transfer intellectual property, or release agreed upon assets in the APA. Momentum Business Services, Orange Marketing, LLC, Fortitude Media & marketing, plaidcat investments, Hired Guns Media & Marketing, Grape Juice Mafia, Advantage business solutions to name a few. She scammed me out of 400k and Alex Leeman of Parsons Behle & Latimer assist her in every one of her scams. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER!!

  2. Jennifer Robyn Burkinshaw is a scam artist to the highest degree. She was one of the principles of CC Brown who has been shut down by the FBI. She has a long history of scamming people, just look at her arrest record in Utah for securities fraud. She has also been arrested for road rage and assault. Fulcrum 360 is nothing more than another scam shop taking peoples money who can’t afford a house payment. Rumor has it the attorney who represented Fulcrums clients, (Brian Coffey) has sent them a cease and desist to not use his name. Go figure that one out, Fulcrum 360 own attorney has stopped doing business with Burkinshaw. I would avoid doing anything with her or any company she is associated with.

  3. I am the person currently working with Fulcrum360. I am an attorney focused on helping consumers deal with their debts. I first started helping consumers file for Bankruptcy relief in Idaho in 2003. Through my bankruptcy related work since the economic and housing crises hit, it has become apparent that a great solution for many consumers is making their house payment more affordable. Bankruptcy does not really offer a way to achieve that solution. Loan modification does.

    Despite government programs and loan servicer promises, the reality is that lenders still do not want to give loan modifications. The other reality is that home owners really do not have much in the way of leverage when it comes to negotiating with lenders and servicers. Worse still is that lenders and servicers have become experts in putting up road blocks to getting a loan modification. These realities have created a need for services that help consumers get around, over and through the roadblocks, hurdles and hoops that lenders throw at us when trying to get a loan mod.

    I am very sensitive to the fact that this need has also led to rampant schemes, scams and fraudulent operations that take advantage of consumers who are already in a vulnerable state due to their financial circumstances. I want to assure the public that I am not one of those schemers or scammers. I am branching out in an effort to offer services to a wider group of consumers. To do that, I need help. The aftermath of the collapse of various loan modification service providers has left a void, and has also left many people with the skills and experience necessary to obtaining loan modifications without employment. I am attempting to use some of those resources to build a practice that provides consumers with the same great service that I have tried to provide myself.

    Whatever else can be said about the CC Brown operation, it appears to me that they were in fact able to obtain many thousands of loan modifications for consumers across the country. I want to do my best to replicate that success on behalf of consumers while avoiding the pitfalls that led to CC Brown’s demise.

    I do not charge high up front fees. Instead, I use a pay as we go fee agreement. Clients can stop services anytime they want. I believe the fees I am charging are fair and provide a good value to clients. While I know I likely won’t have a 100% success rate, I am confident I will be able to get many, many consumers loan modifications and avoid foreclosure. I believe the owner and employees of Fulcrum360 are as dedicated to that goal as I am. I am committed to following the rules related to providing loan modification services, and to being open and transparent about who I am, who I am working with, and what I am doing. I am happy to answer any questions anyone has about my efforts.

    I am in the process of removing the name “Vanguard Legal Group” due to the fact there is apparently a law firm in San Diego that trademarked/service marked the word “Vanguard” in 2002 with respect to legal services, and there was also apparently a law firm in Utah that used the name Vanguard Law as a dba that was affiliated with CC Brown in some way. I have no affiliation with CC Brown or any other Vanguard law firm and do not want anyone to be confused. I will simply be using my own name under my existing firm name Coffey & Associates, an Idaho limited liability company.

    It is unfortunate that the proliferation of loan mod scams and regulations flowing from those abuses have made it more difficult to provide honest loan modification services. I know the need is still there, so I am going to do my best to offer these services despite the challenges. Consumers are wise to look into service providers, myself included, and to use their best judgment in deciding whether to proceed. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding.

    Brian J. Coffey

  4. Here is how I feel as a
    Scammed Loan Modification client and seeing them come back
    into business….


    Fulccrum360 is selling
    under Vanguard Legal I had them send I a contract and it’s the same a previous
    company who scammed me contract (CC BROWN) in appearance and there
    sales are so boiler room now or we won’t take your file… We only
    take on people who are serious and want to save their home. BLAH.BLAH.BLAH.


    I did
    do some searching on the names Paxton Guymon and he has a ton of
    businesses(Modify Utah) and wow how could you manage all of those?
    Now this Jennifer Robyn Burkinshaw is interesting. If you search her name
    you get how she scammed all these people and  has six (6) felony counts Under Jennifer Robyn
    Burkinshaw below

    http://www.securities.utah.gov/press/nightclub.pdf $123,000 fraud schemehttp://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=7101504&itype=NGPSID&keyword=&qtype= Road Rage with a deputy???Search Robyn Burkinshaw and there is a Loan Modification History of multiple companies going broke. I have listed the basics below on a few companies she was with and now in loam modification AGAIN under three names as far as i can tell. Vanguard Legal, Fulcrum360 and HIRED GUNS MEDIA & MARKETING, LLC, 2964 S HUDSON CR, Salt Lake City UT 84106 which oddly  enough must be her home address as far as I can tell it goes to a house that she has other company’s registered to.Now that is only the start!!! She also has been in a loan modification company before CC Brown Law, Local Mod and Modify Utah just a few links below such as a FBI Raid and BBB for there company. Link belowhttp://www.bbb.org/utah/business-reviews/loan-modification/cc-brown-law-in-west-valley-city-ut-22244912SUMMARY: of CC Brown her previous Loan Modification companyGovernment Actions

    The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.
    On May 5, 2010 the Utah Real Estate Division entered into a Stipulation and Order with CC Brown Law Offices (“Respondent”). The Division received a complaint concerning an internet website operated by the Respondent that was advertising and soliciting for loan modifications by a law office. Respondent was directed to remove any reference to soliciting loan modifications on their website. It was the Division’s position that the Respondent was being “principally engaged in the business of negotiating residential loans” by the firm’s potential clients, that it was not exempted from licensure under the law, and that the Respondent needed to have a Utah mortgage license to conduct such business. After initial revisions to the company website, the website continued to advertise loan modifications and an Order was sent to the Respondent instructing the company to cease and desist from negotiating loan modifications. Respondent has indicated a willingness to comply with the Division’s position by refraining from soliciting and performing loan modifications without a Utah mortgage license, unless the Respondent is not being principally engaged by the potential client in the business of negotiating residential loans. While Respondent did not admit to any violation of any state statutes, it admitted that it was soliciting for and providing loan modifications. As a full settlement of the issues raised in the Stipulation, Respondent agreed to pay a $5,000 civil penalty to the Division. A full copy of the Stipulation and Order can be viewed here: click here .
    On July 26, 2011 the Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation issued a Summary Order to Cease and Desist against CC Brown Law LLC dba CC Brown Law Offices, The Law Office of CC Brown, CC Brown Law Group and CC Brown Law. A copy of the action can be found here: click here .
    On May 15, 2012 the Connecticut Department of Banking issued a Temporary Order to Cease and Desist, Notice of Intent to Issue Order to Cease and Desist, and Notice of Intent to Impose Civil Fine against CC Brown Law LLC also known as CC Brown Law Offices. Full information can be found here: click here .wow and now in loam modification AGAIN under three names as far as i can tell. Fulcrum360 and HIRED GUNS MEDIA & MARKETING, LLC, 2964 S HUDSON CR, Salt Lake City UT 84106 which oddly  enough must be her home address as far as I can tell it goes to a house that she has other company’s registered to. 

    • Upon investigation Fulcrum360 is Selling for Vanguard legal group PLLC. http://vanguardlegalgroup.com/.  The attorney is out of Idaho and California but the firm seems to be located in Utah.  
      VANGUARD LEGAL GROUP, PLLC6126 W STATE ST STE 107A BOISE, ID 83703Type of Business: LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYStatus: EXISTING, EXISTING 07 Sep 2012State of Origin: IDAHODate of Origination/Authorization: 07 Sep 2012Current Registered Agent: BRIAN J COFFEY6126 W STATE ST STE 107ABOISE, ID 83703File Number: W117095Date of Last Annual Report: They are referencing a UTAH BBB, upon further investigation they sent me a contract to sign that was identical to a CC Brown Law Contract.  Above you have some links that are broken. You mentioned the Fulcrum360 registered to Jennifer Robyn Burkinshaw who was the director of business for CC BROWN (http://www.bbb.org/utah/business-reviews/loan-modification/cc-brown-law-in-west-valley-city-ut-22244912)CC BROWN
      Contact Information
      Mr. C. Craig Brown (Attorney) Principal)
      Ms. Robyn Burkinshaw (Director of Business Development)
      Mr. Chad Gettel (Company Contact)Business CategoryLoan Modification, Attorneys & Lawyers
      topVANGUARD LEGAL GROUPhttp://www.bbb.org/utah/business-reviews/attorneys-and-lawyers-real-estate/vanguard-legal-group-in-salt-lake-city-ut-22315964Contact InformationMs. Katherine J. McCLain (Managing Attorney)Ms. Robyn Burkinshaw (Principal)Business CategoryAttorneys & Lawyers – Real Estate


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