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Cambridge Life Solutions Sucks But Canadians Still Falling for Slick Sales Pitch

Cambridge Life Solutions is again in the news for their alleged bad practices of charging advance fees and they get roped into the wider issue of deceptive advertising.

Those of us in the United States know these issues well. The Federal Trade Commission outlawed such practices in the U.S. in 2010 and the majority of bad actors have vanished since the new Telemarketing Sales Rules for debt relief became law. But debt settlement players vanished north of the border and are now peddling the same disproven and unsubstantiated advanced fee debt settlement services to trusting and unsuspecting Canadians.

It’s like watching lambs led to slaughter. Baaa eh.

Scott Hannah of Credit Counseling Society in Canada recently appeared on an investigative report into Cambridge Life Solutions, which you can see below. I do have to say that his information and advice was very balanced.

The report features two clients of Cambridge Life Solutions that allegedly had claims made to them by Cambridge Life Solutions and both wound up instead being sued by their creditors.

As part of this report, you will hear sales pitches and undercover calls made and again, don’t they sound familiar.

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