Real Estate Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 10-4-2012

Consumer Statement:

I live in massachussett and this lady name Teri tran who claimed to be a legal intake specialist work for law firm name Real Estate Law Center PC sent me a registered certified document. She said she recruit homeowner got trapped illegal mortgage loan from bank of america and said she could he sue bank on behalf of homeowner to get the bank lower principle on mortgage , and she ask me to send $6000.00 for legal fee. Her sweet talk almost got me into her scam, because it sound too good to be true. Please someone investigate this ASAP before innocence people fall to her prey. Please! Please !

Consumer Action Taken:

I’ve refused to send payment of $6000.00 legal fee that she asked for a legtigation that has no proceed.

Date This Problem Happened: October 3, 2012

State You Live in: Massachusetts

Race/Ethnicity: Asian

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Real Estate Law Center

Company Address:

30 N. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, Ca 91130

Company Telephone Number: 800-494-0919

Website of Company: lenderlawlitigation.com

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6 thoughts on “Real Estate Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 10-4-2012”

  1. I signed up with this place and I feel I WAS SCAMMED! i filed individually and paid over $6000 and they never filed my suit after 6 months of collecting my money!! They won’t refund when you finally complain after being STRUNG ALONG for months with excuses – for the folks who filed the mass torte, the results aren’t in yet so they are still waiting but once the cases are finished, just watch the MASS FLOOD of complaints come in. They don’t answer their phones and their blog appears to be fake! Check it out for yourself. The same posts come up and you can’t leave comments. For those of you who claim great results, SHOW US. Give you case number so we can read it on Justia. I’d like to see ONE CASE!! And none of the mass cases have settled yet so how can you say you’ve had great results?? I think they are paid employees…. the place is shaky and you say they have no complaints on the Bar Assc or BBB – well watch because that pristine record is about to vanish because I am going to file complaints with the Bar and BBB so no more can they make these claims to people. That is about to change.

  2. I went there for help with a loan modification because the bank had turned me down. I signed up nearly 6 months ago and they recommended I file a lawsuit in order to modify and said to do it individually instead of through the class action because my case was so strong. So I paid $5000 and there was a $1500 monthly maintenance fee but they promised it would be done in a few months so it wouldn’t cost much more. As of today, nothing has yet to be filed and I’m tired of the excuses so I just asked for my money back. We will see if they are a scam or not… I will post the results.

    Also, when I signed up, I asked to see copies of lawsuits they won and they said they’d show me but never did. After I kept asking, they finally said “they don’t have that data available”. I’d like to see these lawsuits that has been won. Even just the case numbers? To you who say you had great experiences, why don’t you ever black out your name and personal info and post the results here?? Can you show proof? Or do you just work for the company doing damage control and there are no won lawsuits?

    • Hello Very concerned & disappointed,

      I rec. that you flle a complaint with the FTC on this organization and alert the federal and state authorities as I have already. There needs to be more complaints in order to get this place shut down asap! My mother got taken in by these fraudsters who told her relentless lies and did absolutely nothing in order to stop her sale date; thus her home was sold even though the supposed “paralegal” she spoke with knew very well that she had a sale date!! When we called to find out what had happened, all we got was a bunch of pointing fingers and claiming that it wasn’t the fault of whoever I was speaking to at that time, unprofessional much?

      P.S. All the people posting “positive” reviews on this company look totally suspicious and appear to be written by people inside the organization. Otherwise, please post court papers of your wonderful successes achieved with their services…..???

  3. I know of the firm you speak of and I guess the competition is busy trying to get homeowners to not sign up for lender litigation – or is it the lender. I did it myself and I could not be happier. I already lost my home and had I found these guys sooner I would be in my condo today. My mother always said if you can’t say something nice say nothing. I know this works I have seen the proof – bloggers know this – it is not a scam – making people feel it is will make more people homeless get your facts straight!

  4. Why do you post that this company is a scam, when they are clearly not? A licensed law firm, with zero complaints for 20 years, is as legitimate as can be!


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