1st Choice Document Preparation LLC. Reader Wants to Know Who is Behind It.

A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) sent in an inquiry about 1st Choice Document Preparation, LLC. They expressed a concern that the company was tied to others in the California loan modification marketplace so I wanted to take a look and see what I could find.

It appears 1st Choice Document Preparation, LLC was registered in the State of California on November 8, 2011 and is a foreign Delaware corporation. The business address on record in California is 220 Newport Center Drive, Suite 604, Newport Beach, CA 92660. The registered agent is George Parker at the same address. The California address is also used by United Doc Prep (uniteddocprep.com) (source) and 1st Choice Mitigation which has an F rating with the BBB. – Source

The business address in Delaware is 4023 Kennett Pike, #610, Wilmington, DE 19807. This address is a UPS mail drop (source) and was also used for another business named Doc Prep 123 that the BBB has a warning issued as out of business. – Source

However, the website for Doc Prep 123 is still up at docprep123.com.

DocPrep123 is interesting because the website is hosted on the same servers with newportmortgagerelief.com, rescueforhomeowners,resultsforhomeowners.com, and uniteddocprep.com.

Previously we did have a consumer complaint filed that mentioned 1st Choice Document Preparation in conjunction with Results for Home Owners, see it here. I also see some complaints online about the company and a public record about a default judgment in Delaware. The defendant on the case is listed as Lindsey Davis.- Source

What is interesting about 1st Choice Document Preparation is that it appears there is no website for this company that can be found by searching their name. However, one online complaint from a consumer did mention it was PrepareOurDocuments.com.

A look at PrepareOurDocuments.com shows the site is very similar to the ResultsForHomeOwners.com site covered in these consumer complaints.

After taking a quick look at 1st Choice Document Preparation for the reader, I would have to agree, something doesn’t smell right here with the network of related and interconnected companies opening and closing but offering similar services.

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If anyone has additional information on these companies or knows the individuals behind them, please post your information in the comments below.


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  1. PLEASE help locating the registered agent of this company to start a class action lawsuit.They have called me so many times–from 310-857-6078, they hang up on me when I ask for their supervisor or mailing address because I’ve requested MULTIPLE times for them to remove my number from their list and they refuse. I have RECORDINGS of the harassment-Today alone they hung up on me SIX TIMES. They refuse to provide their names, their company name. They refuse to abide by TCPA laws and state telemarketing laws. I can’t even get my work done because of the time they waste while AT WORK. I want to file a class action lawsuit but cannot get past the people who harass me DAILY. Please, if you have any information, mailing address, registered agent, send it on. These people need to be stopped via a class action lawsuit.


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