A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services Vanished With My Money

“Dear Steve,

I had been a client of A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services for 4.5 yrs.

I would have paid off all my debt in February.

About a month ago we got word that they were turning over their accounts to Consolidated Credit Counseling.

I filled out the Docu-Sign document to transfer the account over to them.

This all happened around the time of my scheduled payment of $318.

I made the payment to ANH “assuming” it would be applied to my accounts as it had been for the previous 4.5 yrs.

I just found out it wasn’t.

ANH doesn’t return calls.

smarcus@anewhorizon.org doesn’t reply to emails (although the emails do not bounce back so they are being delivered somewhere).

I also found that he also is listed on 13 other corporations as owner or director, including his wifes.

Interestingly the new company hired some of ANHs former employees.

When I called I got an agent who used to be our contact at ANH.

Their website is offline, although it was showing up over this past weekend on and off and also his wife’s company United Debt’s (JuliseMarketing) website was showing up at the ANH address. Obviously someone was editing the site live. When I called the United Debt telephone number a message said they were in the process of moving…

What a bunch of lowlifes.”

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I’m sorry to hear that A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services has essentially vanished with your money. If you have already transferred your account to Consolidated Credit Counseling Services I would urge you to call them and ask for their help to get to the bottom of this. They must have some form or channel of communications to assist. Once you do this, post an update in the comments and let me know what they said.

You are correct about the other companies. Apparently Stephen Marcus is also associated with some other debt related companies including Consumer Debt Management Services, United Debt Counseling, and America at Home.

But it looks like the only active company out of that group is America at Home. The director of that company is Judi Lisbin. – Source

And apparently you are right, a cached copy of the United Debt Counseling website shows it to be at the anewhorizon.org web address.

The State of Florida does show that United Debt Counseling is a fictitious name for Julise Marketing, Inc. Julise Marketing, Inc. is owned by Judi Lisbin at 2700 W. Cypress Creek Road, Suite D126, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. – Source

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Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services Vanished With My Money”

  1. I did sign over a form for the new company to represent me but I have been notified that my creditors have not been paid, september and October. I had to pay them even though ANH took out the scheduled Ach out of my bank. I just called my bank to stop the withdrawals but I am out two payments of 330.12 . I did have to pay my creditors and i am supposed to have gotten back one deposit for staying with ANH program. The company has a recorded message but has not returned the calls I have made to get in contact with them. I’m glad I saw here that it is called consolidated credit counseling. now I know the name but do not have a phone number. whose site am I rating b.t.w.?


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