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I Financed a Computer With Dell Computers. Can I Ask Them to Just Settle It For What I’ve Paid? – Andrea

In 2008, I financed $2,300 with Dell computers. I’ve been past due many times but am now current. At this point, I’ve paid them probably $5,000 !! Interest rate is 29.99%. Current balance is $2,100. Past due periods were maybe 60 days at a time. They’ve received $5,000 for $2,300 in product. I have another layoff looming this November. Can I ask them to settle the account as paid in full? I will be laid off again and I need this nightmare of an account to end.

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  • It Never hurts to ask, right? Just go in and assert yourself with confidence and talk to someone high up, not just a telephone jockey. Good luck!

  • Andrea,

    Of course you can ask. And if they say no or ignore you, you might want to consider trying embarrassment. I have referred some consumers to local television reporters who do consumer protection stories. It is remarkable to see what one call from a reporter will do to address issues of basic fairness.

    Good Luck!

  • short answer is no.
    i would write a letter, detailing how much you initially charged, and how much you have paid in total, explain that you are experiencing financial hardship, and bankrupcy is looking like your only option, however you would prefer to settle this for 25% of the balance owed.

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